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Hi and welcome to my 'About Me' page. :)
I would prefer not to enclose any real personal information for obvious reasons but I hope you enjoy reading a little bit about me.

My name is Dominique and I live in Australia. I first got introduced to My Little Pony when friend's gave me them for presents. At around 4, I recieved more until ponies grew to be my favourite toy. Soon, in about 1994 or so the ponies stopped coming onto the shelves and I was devastated. But then, of course, moved on to Barbies. :) I used to think I was the only collector in the world. Silly me. I soon discovered internet at the age of 8 and got awfully jealous because I had never even KNOWN Paradise Estate exsisted.

I had what I call the 'quiet' period where I put the MLPs away and forgot about them. But when I walked into 'Toy World' one morning I was suprised out of my dreams when I saw a sign up in the air with a picture of a lot slimmer, lot smaller but obviously a My Little Pony. These were the 'new' ponies. I got all I could but alas, they too stopped coming out on the shelves, Today I still collect by internet and flea markets and my collection has rown to the spare room and about to 300 or so in my herd. I feel very lucky for a young pony collector living in the outback. :D

Some other things I enjoy to do are talking with friends, watching and laughing with the 'Simpsons' (possibly the best show on earth) and watching and giggling along with 'Austin Powers 2' (possibly the best movie on earth) Yeah baby!

I love poems and writing pony stories. I also enjoy drawing ponies, mostly fat chubby MLPs but I am not that good. It is thanks to Katie and Buttons that I got some nice banners LOL!

I like to think of myself as funny, bossy and usually nice, I hope. I enjoy having penpals and am always writing to one of my best friends Sarah who lives in Sydney.

Anyway I hope you have learnt a little more about me and excuse me if I bored you with my life and please forget the spelling errors. :)