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25/11/01 Hmm. Christmas is nearly here! Just around 30 days or so till it is here! Today is a special day. I am rehersing for my jazz concert. wish me luck pony friends! I am finding myself working on this HTML every weekend now. Oh well... :) AT least I am getting better at it. If the link to Ponyland isn't workking on SOME pages can you please tell me, through email as I really need to know. Thanks! I better go now anyway.

Ciao my bellas!
-Ocean Pearl 12/11/01 A little late writing in here! But better late then never! I have been so busy discovering HTML and all sorts of things. It is the last term of year seven (graduation) and my class has been so busy getting ready! I can't wait to get out of there but I don't want to have to move around a lot in high school. Why don't the teachers move? There is only one of them! That's what I say! Anyway I better go. I have AOL now, did ya know? My screen name is bluestardom so please add me. And my msn messenger is stardom.

Anyway cya later ponies!

-Ocean Pearl

23/9/01 I have been writing up the updates lately but while I have been working on another website all about my stories I don't have a lot of time. Kris's (the girl who designed the site) computer is not being good (evil comp men) so she hasn't been able to update so luckily here it is. Thanks Kris! Anyway please use the banners on the Links page to link to me. I would appreciate it. And I have just started a club called Collectors of My Little Ponies so if you would like to join please go to http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/collectorsofmylittlepony for a fun time.
Have a good day!
-Ocean Pearl

1/8/01 I did hell of a lot of updates today but then I lost it all when Yahoo closed my page builder down. I am hoping to fill in the gaps now. Instead of doing DV and PE I have started Bowtie's Cottage, another super fun site which will be linked through Ponyland. Witness the cooking sensations or some naughty babies there! Then I will gradually build another site for Dream Valley and then Paradise Estate. Bowtie's Cottage is nearly done! Yea! I like making more sites then linking them back here-it's very fun as I can go to different angles etc. Sports Day was on Monday. -rolls eyes- It was annoying as usual.... On a better note I came 4th in an Italian comp out of about 500 or so. One of my friends came 1st and got 50 bucks! Then I also won a raffle and picked up a gorgeous dog poster -drools- and some cool pens at a library with a voucher I won! Well I better go anyway.
You probably dan't wanna listen to my blah do you now?
-Ocean Pearl

4/7/01 Today I again did a few small updates. I am hoping to get Ponyland's Dream Valley and Paradise Estate up soon. I am doing DV to be a contest/festival kinda place and PE to be moe about MY collection of ponies. And I am having MILLIONS of ideas for fanfics about my Kingsley's Board friends. :-) I can't wait to start writing it. I hope everyone there liked the first one. I felt I rushed the ending a bit.. The next one I will start writing on Kingsley's Board Netletter. I still don't know html so I can't get my fanfics from Mircrosoft Word to here. If anyone does know how themselves please email me. Thank-you.
I better go. Work to be done! Byez*
-Ocean Pearl

1/7/01 Today I updated the page. I put on some little figurines and opened this page. For people that didn't realise, this is were I will keep you up to date about what I am doing with the site-and me. Enjoy. Today is the first of the seventh 2001. This site is officially open. So excuse all the mess. Read carefully. If you are reading this now you must like my site so please vote for it by using the small pictures on the front page. Come on. Believe me you will feel good when you do it. :) Thanks! LOL! I have just had 2 sleepovers. I am so tired so
I will write more later.
-Ocean Pearl