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Welcome to the Memories Cloud. here is where I state my bad, good or funny memories of events with the ponies. Enjoy them and put a little laugh in your day! :) Remember, I was a somewhat STRANGE child!

Baby Pineapple Baby Pineapple and her friends where only the most popular, smartest and prettiest ponies around. They had many encounters with all sorts of things!

I took the ponies out to the pool in summer and set up a town. I only had around 50 ponies (including fakies-LOTS of fakies) Anyway many ponies had cool jobs and soon enough, a school was born with the young adults (eg. teenagers-my favourites!) as the teachers! There was Sun Glory, Posey Rose, and twins-both Rugby Lips. They were the teachers and my personal fav (Sun Glory- Baby Palmtree mother of who else-Baby Pineapple and adopted Baby Beach Ball who was nicknamed Maddie) was also called Mrs. Pineapple and taught grade 2!

I then sorted the ponies out into groups-the purples, blues, yellow (the most popular and biggest was the yellows... again Bb Pineapple was yellow....) pinks and whites. The other teaches Mrs. Pink, Ms.Blue and Mz.Blue (the twins) taught grade1 and 3 and 5. The grade 5 ponies (I thought grade 5 then was like the biggest grade but now I am in yr 7 lol...) were the biggest kids-the Party Ponies... Does anyone remember those ponies? Here in Australia they are still sol. Not MLPs fakies but they are cute!

Baby Beach Ball Jazzie and Melody owned the coolest resturant (and only one) in Ponyland named 'Sizzlers' Many came and Jazzie and Mel became maybe the most popular ponies ever... Ahh. They was the bestest summers ever!

When the ponies started getting well.. yucky and I apparently had 96 fakies and MLP (I still had around 50!) I took them inside and Mum asked me if I wanted her to look on the net for pages on MLPS. (I was 8 at the time) I obviously thought I had the most MLPs in the world and was NOT happy when i found Dream Valley and Dream Castle!! Of course I got over it when I realised I had the most ponies in our school! Now I have around 250 to 300..REALLY!

Moving on, more memories. I clearly remember walking into a toy store just to peek around and nearly crying and drooling when I saw a HUGE sign with My Little Pony on it. They were... Tbe NEW ponies. Mum only bought me a pack of two (Sundance and Ivy-how many beepin Ivy's did they wanna make?!?!) and I was so excited. I took them home and bought more and more and soon Sugar Belle (my favourite) was created. She was the mobster, the meanie, the thing that ryhmes with WITCH. She has a few followers... Cupcake and Moon Shadow but Moon Shadow grew independant later. Ahh they were good times.

Well that is all the memories I want to add now as I don't want to post all my memories now or you will have nothing to read later! *giggles*