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Last updated 01/08/03
Hi! Welcome Squally's Place. I've changed it a lot. I'm not sure which one I like better. If you like the other one better click here. It will take you to the old verison. I haven't been updating lately cuz' I've been busy with school and stuff, But this time I'm updating lots. Oh yeah and Sign the guestbook please!! ( At the bottom of the Page) ^_-. I HAVENT WORKED ON THIS FOR A LONG TIME!! But I will make it better ... i guess lol just check back again later im adding a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution Section and updating lots on The Final Fantasy sections. FINAL FANTASY X-2! Click Here
Final Fantasy
To Go to the Final Fantasy Page Click here. It has info and pics, music, videos etc. on Final Fantasy 7-12.
Stories/Fan Fics
RPG Maker 2000
Info and Downloads for RPG Maker 2000
This Page is for stories and fanfics that either on of my friends or I have made up. If you want to submit one of yours, just e-mail me.
These are just pictures of people I know and my friends and stuff, There isn't any pictures for games or anything. If thats what you want, Click on where it says pics.
My Pet Chocobos!
Look Out!!
These people should not get away!
Dance Dance Revolution!!

Come take the Comprehensive DDR Personality Test!
Created by ptocheia
My DDR Personality is.....
Play Tic Tac Toe With Zell!! You know you've always wanted to! ;)
Vote for me pleaaase?? *puppy dog face*
Dance Dance Revolution!
Fun Fun!
Music: None. Everybody hated it so I took it off Hehe ^_~