in Scotland

Devon Rex Cats can all trace their ancestry to Kirlee who was a curly coated kitten from a feral farm cat.
Because of this, many other types of cats have had to be added to create a workable genepool for this fantastic breed. I personally feel that we must continue to outcross periodically in order to maintain a reasonable genepool. Outcrossing occasionally, also helps with keep that 'Rex coat' on the Rex. If there is no 'Rex coat' there is no Devon Rex.
Devon Rex are lively, curious cats that are a joy to be owned by. They are apprentice plumbers, joiners and excellent gymnasts who love a cuddle and will snuggle with you at night.
While I certainly donít overbreed my cats I do love having kittens around. I love seeing their characters develop and consider that I only hold them in trust for 13 weeks while they are weaned, litter trained and vaccinated before they enslave their new people.

This site is new and mainly home grown photos. It may grow in time. Please enjoy. Your comments and enquiries are welcome so

Cloudborn Malakhai More & Rebekaih Rill
at 6 weeks old - two real cuties.

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