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The Ninth Thunder

All my relations,

Long have I talked about the upset of the tectonic plates and the arrival of an impending cataclysm. A cataclysm that would begin a chain of events which would lead to and would cause volcanic eruptions, as well the forming of new volcanoes, and the calling of Grandfather (Mt. Baker). Also I have spoken of a major upheaval not only along the Cascade chain, but to the East ..Near Montana. As many of you are aware there seems to be much activity around Yellowstone. There is even talk of the impending eruption of a super volcano. The prophecies of the Eight Thunders I eluded that there were more prophecies which could not at the time be released until I was given permission from my elders. That time has come and will soon be revealed in the Ninth Prophesy.

The dragon has shown his face, and as you read this is loosed upon the land. Soon that whole of humanity will watch in awe as the Dragon breaths its fiery breath upon the land. The devastation's will be wide spread, and the true meaning of shock and awe understood, as men of science, and the Priests of Organized Religions stand by in utter helplessness, observing the forces of nature unleashed. Look to the area known as Longs Valley Caldera for this is where that events that will change the Earth forever will commence; and the Earth Changes take hold of their destiny...

The tectonic plates comprise which what we call the Earths surface, or curst are always in an ebb and glow cycle of movement. These plates float upon what is known as 'the mantle. 'This mantle is comprised to two layers of magma. One that is soft and one that is stiff.

The inner mantle can be found between 190 miles (300 km) a 1,800 miles (2,890 km) below the earth's surface. The average temperature is 5400F (3000C), nevertheless the rock is solid because of the high pressures. The inner mantle for the biggest part probably consists of sulphides and oxides of silicon and magnesium. The density is between 4.3g/cm and 5.4g/cm.

The outer mantle is the one that the earth's surface rides on and is a lot thinner than the inner mantle. It can be found between 7 miles (10 km) and 190 miles (300 km) below the surface of the earth. You can divide the outer mantle into two different layers. The bottom layer is tough liquid rock and probably consists of silicates of iron and magnesium. The temperature in this part is between 2520F (1400C) and 5400 F (3000C) and the density is between 3.4g/cm and 4.3g/cm. The upper layer of the outer mantle consists of the same material but is stiffer because of its lower temperature.

Most volcanoes are found along plate boundaries, but some such as Hawaii are found within a plate far from the boundaries. The most likely cause for this is a hot spot, which by the way may also be the cause of Yellowstone. Long Valley Caldera has been formed within a rift zone. In other words the area of Long Valley Caldera is being pulled apart. The New Madrid Fault Zone is a rift zone that for what ever reason failed.

A magma chamber exists beneath active and dormant volcanoes. I'm not ready to rule out inactive volcanoes just because the darn thing hasn't shown any activity in the last 100,000 years or so. This chamber was formed when magma from the mantle found its way up through the curst. For the most part there is no connection between volcanoes, but there are exceptions to every rule. Two volcanoes in Mexico have the same chamber as their source of magma. These volcanoes are Popo and Colima. There may be others, but I have no idea as to their locations. There is no connection between Yellowstone and Long Valley Caldera as the magma comes from two different sources as samples of past eruptions show. This is how Volcanologists know which volcano caused the extinction of some species.

There is a new volcano being born in Northern California at this very moment. Of course at the rate it is being born it still has at least 400,000 years to go before it makes it presence known. This is Lake Pillsbury, which about a 4-hour drive north of San Francisco.

It has been said "When the time will come for the shifting to begin, cannot be foretold. Only the circumstancea that avail them selves near that time can be seen. When the time comes and the shifting commences it will come as a thief in the night, and take you unawares. Prepare yourselves and make your temple ready for the day of the Lord is coming."

That time is now very close. What is spoken of here has effects that will effect the whole of our solar system, and those beyond. Tend to your temples and make them pure. Ready yourselves for your true salvation for all we can do no is observe... and know that those who carried the messages of the impending Earth Changes. Those who were given the visions of the maps by the masters. Truly were and those who remain, the messengers. Call close to you your loved ones , your children and elders who have been foresaken. Give up your judgements of others less you judge yourselves. Compassion and allowence are to be your new virtues, opening your hearts and abundance to all who are sent to your doors. Use discernment and discretion, for many a wolf will don sheeps clothing. Now it the time to awaken the Christ within us all. And to take responsibility , and positive actions to help those that make the effort, to cross the bridges of this limited reality...into the light.

And be certain to make peace with the heavens for the heavens are now upon us... and the wars of angels can be felt with each new breath.

For we are voyagers of the light and that is all we are...Experiencing the dream as it unfolds in accordance with our thoughts, actions, and deeds.

In the light Grandfather. Robert Ghost Wolf

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