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Name: Diana
Nickname: Waffy, Kagome, XuXa >.<
Online Name: Sparkle
Age: 15 yrs.
DOB: Feb.10
Astrology: Aquarius
Location: New Jersey
Hair/Eye Color: black/brown
Ethnic: 100% Peruvian
Occupation: Student in MSR H.S.


Anime: InuYasha, Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Noir, Excel Saga, FLCL, DBZ, Cowboy Bebop and many more I cannot count.>.<
Manga: InuYasha,Fruits Basket, Hana Kimi, Confidential Confessions, Tuxedo Gin, Revolutionary Girl Utena,Ceres, Celetial Legend.
Music: Any kinds like Punk Rock, Rock, J-pop,J-Rock, and some spanish songs.
Artists: Hoobastank,Yellowcard, Story of the Year, 3 Days Grace, Nickelback,Evanescene, 3 doors down,DAI, The pillows, Simple Plan,BoA,and Tackey &Tsubasa.Also some spanish guys like Luis Fonsi.
Hobbies: Reading,Writing, collecting anime stuff,webdesigning,drawing,sketching and being myself.Shopping is something I do if I have extra time.Whoo! I spend my money fast.^_^
Games: Dance Dance Revolution,FFX2, InuYasha PS2(coming out this fall) and Mario Games.

Random Info.

Life: Finish Highschool and then college.Studying to be an architect.Then start a family! ^.^
Subject: Math(Algebra) how can you people think I'm weird! I love numbers! Maybe I'll major in it.
Food: Pizza,Fries,Fried Dumplings, Pocky, Peruvian food and Chinese Egg Rolls. Yummy
Soda: Diet Coke
Color: Lavender
Goal: I'm on a diet at the moment so this is my goal then attempt to sky dive.hehe...
Lost: 12 lbs. Yea.I'm doing well.I have a flatter stomach and lost weight on my thighs.It's all good.

Current Status

Mood: Pissed
Music: nothing
Reading manga: Alice 19th
Food/drink: Water
Want: I still want...RAMUNE!!!!
Other:Taking Tai Chi every wed. lol.Fun fun!

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SugarCult - Memory


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I love Lasagna! I want pasta!



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June -16- 2004 Copa America 2004
Well as you can read above Copa America is a soccer tournament that is held every year to the North/South American countries.This year it is held in Peru.Today's match was Columbia vs. Venezula. and Peru vs. Bolivia. I have no idea who won the first game but Peru and Bolivia tied 2-2.GAH! I was so pissed! Damn it! I kept on screaming at the Peruvian players.

They were horrible.I just couldn't believe it.All those Peruvians were saying we are going to win the cup this year and all that shit.The first half was like Bolivia ruling it.Meh! I started to lose faith in my peruvians.Then they came back in the 2nd half.Felt relieved but still...Bolivia was considered the least likely to win this year.It would have been embarassing to lose in your own country to some other horrible players.

Dad was all pissed and complaining about how bad they were.Mom was like also complaining but then when ever Peru almost made a goal, she would scream.And I mean a high pitch scream like bloody murder.Very annoying.-.- Janeth kept on cheering along with little Willy and I...well kept on cussing infront of everyone cause I was so mad when they almost got the goal. But oh well,they made it and will lose to the next team.I think it's Venezula vs. Peru this Friday.Not sure.Email me for info.

Anyways enough of soccer.I am really sad Peru will lose this year but...who cares!! By the way,the stadium they played in today was the same stadium I went in two years ago for some other game.I think Universitario vs.Alianza Lima.It was great! lol. Gah! I can't stop talking about soccer!
Tomorrow I will be taking Tai Chi.Wait no today actually. lol. Look at the time.Also my little cousins birthday.Probably going to C.E.C for pizza and games.Err.too many little kids.

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June -22- 2004 Convention Part 2
Very Tired right now.I just finished running on a treadmill for half an hour and my head hurts. Well,Anyways I am very sorry for updating now about the con.I remember some things.I'll include them here.GAHH!!! I can't find the Richard Quotes!!!! My mom probably threw them away! GAH! I am so mad right now!!!

Well,we were in the dealers room for an hour and then we went into the Voice Acting Panel.That was where Moneca and Richard were going to be in.AHH! I ran into that room.Many questions and so on.They talked about acting skills and how they feel.Everything about it.Then we,the audience,asked questions.I would have posted them here for you all but...I don't have the DAMN paper with the quotes.I remember something about Richard and Moneca's favorite kind of pie.But it's a blur.I think Richard likes Key-lime pie and Moneca Stori likes Blueberry(eww)OH! And Richard Cox currently owns a gun! RUN AWAY PEOPLE!

FUNNY QUOTE!--A girl asked Richard Ian Cox to say anything in demon InuYasha's voice.heh heh.He was thinking for a sec.Finally in demon InuYasha's voice he says "Welcome to Burger King.May I take you order?" LMAO!

So many more quotes but I don't have paper.::cries:: Panel ended we went out to get ticket for autographs and waited for 15 minutes in the line.Lots of people were behind us.We were lucky we ran out first in line.I was so nervous when I was going to get Cox's autograph.Didn't know what to say.Said hi and he was like HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!What's you name?(Wait I'll have it this way)
Me- Diana
Richard-So wait...you're like Diana DeGarmo! OMG I so wanted to meet you! ::screams in high pitched voice:: j/k.
Richard- So what would you like me to write up?
Diana- Eh,anything that comes up in your mind.Whatever.
Richard-Alright then...GO TEAM!...APPLE!...YOU ROCK!...-Richard Cox
Diana- Thanks...
After that we went to eat.Then we went to Dealer's room once more and then watched Fruits Basket in Video 2 room.After that we wandered the halls.I met up with this Sanosuke cosplayer.HE was sooooo cute! I hugged him!! ^_^Yea.Then we left and I was sad cause I couldn't go the next two days.I asked mom if I could go for all three days.She said yea and I was happy again.I'm also seriously planning on cosplaying cause you know...I want to.Any ideas people just comment.Okay here are my ideas in order of what I'm thinking of for now.(Pics will be up later date)
-Electra Ovilo (Cowboy Bebop Movie)
-Yuna (Songstress outfit from Final Fantasy X-2)
-Yuna (Final Fantasy 10)
-Suzuka (Outlaw Star)
Well of course I'm going to be on a strict diet to look good in any of these costumes so yea I'm on that.I haven't been working out much for the last three weeks and lbs are seeming to creep up.I just started working out again today and I am planning to do this for the whole summer and a strict diet with some little sweets.I am trying right now so people please cheer me on.I could really use it.-.-

Comment people!I need help in cosplaying for next year! Thanks! Love you all!::HUGS::

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June -18- 2004 Convention Part 1
Whoo! CONVENTION ROCKED! It was soooooooooooo much fun! Haha! You people won't know how much fun it was towards the end! lol.Well here goes my long info about the con.What I did and what happened...

I woke up around 6:45am to get ready for the con.I put on my kenshin top and my short skirt with a pair of sandals.I fixed my ears a litte cause they were falling apart.I can't sow just to let you all know.I got a quick breakfast and called Mandy to get ready for the con. I waited to see if Fran would call and thought about our whole situation without being with an adult.Fran calls and says she can't go due to the fact that CNN said something about terrorist threats or something around the Medowlands.I didn't really believe it but I really wanted to go and plus I would have heard it on the spanish news show in the mornings.I dunno...I already convinced mom and dad if I could go and so did Mandy.So we went.Mandy got here on time and we left with my aunt.I finally relize that I don't have a camera so I run in and grab it without checking if there was film or not.Whatever.

Got at Anime Next 45 mins. later.We got lost for 15 minutes but we made it at around 9:00am. Registered at the main door for one day and sat there until the festivities started.We were told it would start at 10:00am but the people decided to cancel it for some reason so we had to wait till 12! GAH! It was insane.I was so mad so mandy,janeth(9yr sister), and I went to sit in the coldest side of the corner.SO COLD! My feet were freezing!

Anyways,My aunt was thinking of leaving us and picking us up when we want to leave.But! The lady in the registeration was like minors must have a parent with them AT ALL TIMES! I was like...COME ON! My aunt had to do this paper route or something so she couldn't stay with us.So,my aunt came up with an idea.Told us to tell them people that she is when out for an emergancy or something and if they don't believe you then call me.She left and we were all worried that they wouldn't let us in. After 2 hrs. of worrying and calling people up to see if they can come as an adult,we find out that the only way of getting registered is if we had an adult with us.AND WE DID! MY AUNT! So,yea Mandy talked to this lady and she told us.So much worrying for nothing! But I still felt alittle worried if someone did ask. >.<

WE ARE IN! WHOO! Went into Video 3 room and watched an anime called Nuku Nuku. SO FUNNY! Haha you must watch.An hour in there and then we left to go to the dealers room which opens around 1pm.We got there just in time.The room wasn't open but alot of people were waiting to get in.A line was created to see how many people would go in so it wouldn't get crowded.GOSH! I saw this cute sanosuke cosplayer! Gah! He was so cute! And this Spike cosplayer.AHH! SO CUTE! I didn't have enough film to take there pic but oh well.-.-

Dealers room was HUGE!!! So many...things! Good thing we were in front of the line cause we got there early.Didn't need to wait.Haha...here is the list of...things that I bought.
- InuYasha keychain (For Prancer cause she asked me to get something for her)
- InuYasha 5 Bromide Cards (So cute! Will scan for Inu/Kag site)
- InuYasha 30 Pack Bromide Cards
- InuYasha pencils
- InuYasha round pin
- Fruits Basket Japanese manga #14
- Fruits Basket Yuki mouse plush
- Fruits Basket 52 Poker Cards
- Fruits Basket Mechanical Pencil
- Ceres manga #7(Whoo! I finally have it!)
- Japanese Robot thingy(For my 4yr brother)
- Ramune Soft Drink (OMG! It is so good!!)
- 2 Chocolate Pocky (Don't worry people.I will atleast give you one of my Pocky)
- 1 Men's Pocky(Dark Chocolate)
- 1 Crushed Almond Chocolate Pocky
- 1 Mousse Pocky (tastes like vanilla!)
- Japanese Strawberry Hi-Chew candy

I would have bought more things but it was too crowded. Err.. Well,I think I am going to end it for today cause I am really tired and I must sleep. I will continue this entry tomorrow morning.I dunno.I have to clean my room and everything for Sunday which is Father's Day but I will continue with the Richard quotes and other stuff.Hooray!

Comment people! I want to know who reads this Blog just to see that they are the people that I most care about...You will be my best friend in the whole world if you comment! ^_^ Thanks!!!!

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June -16- 2004 Summer Vacation!
Ok people! I have finally finished putting up the fanlistings.Now I just need to put up the rest of the food cliques.-.- Oh well...On to the further news...

Summer vacation is here! ::dances:: Yes I am joyous! Well,I am currently sleeping till 10:30am and staying up till 2:00am.Oh I love summer! I is watching animes all night and this new anime called Case Closed, originally called Detective Conan but damn Funimation changed the name.Err.Conan is so adorable!!! ^.^ I just want to hug him and squeeze him until he s'plodes! Yea.He's cute when he's older,too. Anyways,anime convention is this week! Whee! In case your wondering,it's the Anime Next convention in Secaucus.I'm too lazy to put up the new link so here it is...Copy and Paste...www.animenext.org. >.< I will be taken pictures of this con so you'll see much randomness pictures up next week.Haha! You'll see me wearing my black doggy ears with kenshin tank top.I is so excited!

Well,today I had to alter my EX-LARGE skirt from Hot Topic.Ugh,It was HUGE! I had to buy it for the con and because they didn't have a small in it.The damn skirt kept falling down my legs.It was terrible but now its small and I am happy.^_^ A lot of sowing was down on it but I am glad the skirt is done. Then after I went back home and continued doing my 1000 piece puzzle(I love puzzles! I must find a fanlisting for it soon!) Dinner and them mall came after that.I had to buy my summer reading books.So we went to WaldenBook Store and bought them,along with two mangas.I immediately ran to the anime section and took Hana Kimi #2.GAH! I have to read it tonight.Must know what happens.I also got Fruits Basket #3 with Kyo on the cover.Oh he is so hot! Must read that after Hana Kimi.Right after I left the store in search of Father's Day gifts,I remember about the Ceres #7 manga.I just had to go back but mom didn't let me go buy more mangas. So sad.

Father's Day is this Sunday.I bought my dad a spiffy hardware clock for the garage along with swim trunks and a shirt.I didn't know what to get daddy.He gets everything he wants cause you know he can with the money he makes working.Ahh well. I am bored so I am going to read my Hana Kimi manga and watch anime all night.Haha! See ya.

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June-8-2004 Layout Update
Layout links have been updated.And there is a new link! Music! Cliques will be moved at a later date because of my laziness.Ugh.But hey,I have all summer to do that.Oh and check out the music section! I have Luis Fonsi music up and I want people to hear it.I get very emotional whenever I hear it,too.Tell me what you think in comments box.Thanks!

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May- 22- 2004 New Layout!
Haha! A new layout for the summer.Whoo! Isn't it spiffy? I love it. Anyways,this isn't a layout made by me but by someone else.I have given credit on the right.Well,buttons and info will be transfered to here at the new link.Haha.I is happy!

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