This mainly started out as a joke, but it has grown into a phenomenon. Hopefully you single women are very rational, convinced by long lists of reasons such as this. Enjoy!

  1. gorgeous deep-set hazel eyes
  2. professionally employed
  3. financially stable
  4. NO KIDS!
  5. passionate about music
  6. published poet
  7. constantly expanding (creatively) artist
  8. lives in a rebuilt house in fabulous Denver, CO
  9. dog lover
  10. wicked sense of humor
  11. sharp, rapid-fire wit a la James Joyce and Oscar Wilde
  12. decently well-read (and we ain't talking John Grisham here)
  13. deeply introspective
  14. philosophical
  15. strong spiritual (non-denomination specific) side
  16. fascinated by the universe and all in it
  17. constantly strives to learn/discover more
  18. sweet "boyish" crooked smile
  19. sexy baritone voice
  20. former radio DJ
  21. excellent writer
  22. three words: breakfast in bed
  23. mission is "to empower others"
  24. NO BAGGAGE from last relationship
  25. sympathizes during life's seriousness but can laugh about it as well
  26. is reading the Kama Sutra (need practice)
  27. is valued at $2,322,360 million, according to
  28. scored an 8.6 hottie rating on "Hot or Not"
  29. not a horrible dresser
  30. has all his limbs
  31. looks good in tight jeans
  32. not overweight
  33. works out
  34. excellent listener
  35. considerate
  36. recognizes those that help him
  38. "makes everyone around him a better person"
  39. art history knowledge
  40. traveled/lived abroad
  41. humble beginnings in blue collar life (NOT uppity)
  42. is the anti-yuppie
  43. embraces and expects diversity among all people
  44. has a lot of love to give
  45. improvisational theatre trainer/actor
  46. just listen to him recite his poetry!
  47. he looks like Nicholas Cage, for God's sake!
  48. he looks like Matt Lauer, for God's sake!
  49. when he has a goatee, he looks like Joseph Fiennes, for God's sake!
  50. thinks things over thoroughly before giving a response
  51. is a distant cousin of Princess Di (well, maybe)
  52. self-taught drummer and amateur composer
  53. loves seeing live music and theatre
  54. will surprise you with flattering notes
  55. loves going to hockey games!
  56. for all you Freudians, he reminds you of your father
  57. will call you in the morning, BUT
  58. is not out for a one-night stand
  59. can actually carry on a conversation intelligently
  60. excellent chef
  61. makes a killer tiramisu cheesecake (are you drooling yet?)
  62. yes, he will cook for you
  63. knows his way around candles, bath oils, and incense
  64. die-hard chivalrous romantic
  65. can shake his booty/cut the rug/etc.
  66. excellent interpersonal communication skills
  67. drug free, baby
  68. doesn't smoke
  69. is good for what ails you
  70. has INCREDIBLE hands that have a tendency to give massages
  71. terrific hugger (a lost practice)
  72. keeps his dreams in focus
  73. has lots of drive to keep on heading toward those dreams
  74. sends unexpected flowers
  75. has that Sagittarian spontanaeity
  76. will accept nothing less than success
  77. strong moral character
  78. incredibly deep, rich personality
  79. has a healthy dose of mystery
  80. speaks French, mademoiselle
  81. good knowledge of coffee (is that reaching?)
  82. took the time to make this list to impress YOU
  83. thinks you would look sexy borrowing his Avalanche hockey jersey
  84. has a wealth of 80s music knowledge (maybe that's a liability rather than an asset)
  85. great friend
  86. wants to travel the world again
  87. is "so fuckin' money and you don't even know it." (from Swingers)
  88. has his credit card paid off
  89. always gives great Christmas gifts
  90. highly intelligent
  91. did I mention creative?
  92. is gonna look sweet in those new Underoos for adults
  93. could beat the living crap out of Leonardo Di Caprio
  94. is NOT a conceited prick
  95. is NOT like that last guy you dated
  96. as a matter of fact, he's unlike ANY guy you've ever dated
  97. if genetics are correct, he won't go bald
  98. no, he doesn't play those stupid mind games. If he likes you, he tells you.
  99. if you've read this far, you must be somewhat intrigued. C'mon, tell him you're interested!
  100. is just a swell guy.
  101. you have NOTHING to lose

So, now that you are convinced, close the deal: e-mail me

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