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Welcome to a little anime archive manged by two obsessed Otakus.  There's a bunch of neat things to do here and plenty of fan fiction.  We're hoping to covert this website into html (yeah, this is page builder...stop snickering o.-)  Anyway, menu to your left, updates below.  There's also a mailing list.  Wander about and feel free to ask questions or email us about the website or anything posted or something you'd like to see posted.  Or even just to say hi ^__^

To your left is CardCaptor Sakura.  Great Series.  (Yue!)  Thanks to
Mangadoodles for the image!
  Moshi! Moshi!
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Oish, I haven't been here since Febuary o.O;;; 

Ok, big update - Sailor Lily's 
Silver Millenium: Setsuna's Secret now has a thirteenth chapter.  There's a formating problem at the end where the links are, but I have no idea hos to fix that, sorry.

Me and Sets are trying to make a new, pretty layout for NoBD, and since we now have an HTML course under out belts, we'd also like to take this place off page builder. (This is a good thing).  But it also means it will be a big pain in the tushie because then we get to do lots of coding and re coding.

I've just made a new layout (no really, just now on paint).  If you recognise it you get a cyber cookie. (Not've just been visiting this place a long time if you remember it).

I'm trying to do that with another website the moment, and things are very messy...But we're going to be much neater about working on this place, though things may not match for a little while (meaning colors, and hopefully not links).

Questions, comments, flames, or anything having to do with fan fiction/art - feel free to email me.  I'm also on yahoo messenger.

CoTW (07-29-2002)
Don't steal stuff!!!!!!
Hey Minna! ^_^
I put up a new chapter of "Keeper of Time." I have been so busy I have not been able to do many updates, and I am working on getting some new stories out. I am also working on getting a few new stories from CoTW, she has PLENTY of Yukito/Yue/Touya fics, for you Cardcaptor fans and hopefully she will be willing to share some! *looks at her with sweet innocent eyes* PLEASE!!!!

The passage used in the layout is by Lara Fabian in her song "I Will Love Again" and the picture of Trunks and Pan is property of
B-chan, (link to her site by clicking her name, site is currently down at the moment) really great DBZ artist and author check her out some time.


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