Click Here to see the cutest Pics of My Pups! CLOVER & SPRITE
This is Clover & Sprite, They are my little Loves, Click on the pic to the left  to see more of them. Clover is a Beagle and Sprite is a Chihuahua. They get along amazingly well.
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See Dog and Animal Figurines I have made
Click Here to see the cutest Pics of My Pups! CLOVER & SPRITE
Jennifer's Pet Sitting
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I LOVE This Beagle Site.. The Best Site for Beagles and The people who LOVE Them!!
Welcome to - German Shepherd Dog info
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The Pic above is a Link to "They Call it Puppy Love", Clover & Sprites website
Animal Figurines
You can Click on the Picture to the right to view in Animal Figurines I have made. One of my hobbies. I occassionally sell them on
eBay. They are one of Kind Hand Sculpted from clay, Hand Painted and  finished with a painted on glaze.
In Memory of My Jessica
They Call it Puppy Love
Here Kitty Kitty
They Call It Puppy Love
Me and Clover when she was a pup.
Animal Figurines
Jennifer's Pet Sitting
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Jennifer's Pet Sitting
All Pets BiG & small, Dogs & Cats, but also Any Pampered Pet that needs loving attention while your away.Day or Night,  Daily Visits, Vacations, Holidays, Sleepovers, The Unexpected, When ever you need (24-7).
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Welcome to German Shepherd Dog info
Pet Safety Tips
Here is Video of Clover & Sprite
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this Link to see more video's of them
I Love Cats too & But Dogs are where my heart is!
Where Your Dog is a STAR!!
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