-See this gif right here on the left,in the episode they don't even get to kiss in when they are practiceing for the play but i don't think somebody made this picture that when they kiss because it looks like they really do.I wonder if in the japenese version they really kiss..........i wonder.Well if you have any info on this gif image when they kiss click here to e-mail me.
-This a really cute moment,.........well kind of.Li gets hurt when he is fighting against eli and then sakura comes to see if he is ok.etc.........then he says he loves sakura which is the images right on the left of li and then she's surprised and thats the image on the left of sakura..........*How cute*(0^_^0).Then the images below those 2 is one of li helping sakura fighting against eli he says that he has faith in her.........he is so cute even though my fave character is eli i think i will change it to li cause li is much sweeter.
more moments coming soon...