apm - 12/17/00 06:51:35
My Email:monefela@verona.k12.wi.us
your paintings put a smiley facea on a corpse in every morgue.

wildlady - 08/11/00 01:30:20
Nice paintings. I am interested to see how it will be developed. You know what I mean? Hahahahaha...

shawn owens - 12/21/99 19:36:54
My Email:boug0018@tc.umn.edu
Benjamin. Your paintings leave quite an impression..whose (*&(^(& do i have to )(*)*&* to get one? I have been out of touch and without internet access for some time... my email has changed please get back in touch...Merry XMAS... Glory b 2 mithra.

fAnnyboy - 11/09/99 08:55:57
My URL:http://youknowifyoucare
My Email:dannyfanny@hotmail.com
Sitting here in some snow. Thought I'd drop by and say hi. Heading to the Middle East soon. Going to try to not get kidnapped in Iran...if I can get in. I hear they have a few Pizzerias in Tehran. Gotta be objective. If you still read what I write, do you want me to use a different address than your UW one? Chow, dAnny

- 03/22/99 06:04:32

MICKE - 03/22/99 05:58:58

Mike Kaney - 02/05/99 01:38:17
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/WestHollywood/Stonewall/3407
My Email:Guru_Mike@yahoo.com
Thanks for signing my guestbook, I thought I would return the favor! I will return often! Looks like I might find your page of interest!!! Namasté, Guru_Mike

Homer Sexual - 01/06/99 12:52:07
I think your your 3 home pages of CRAP poetry and your CRAP paintings are the CRAPPEST thing iv'e ever seen it looks like your cat has has spewed his guts on it and if you stuck Your testicles on to the easle A fine kettle of fish how do you do to you. BYE YOU HOPELESS PIECE OF DOG SHIT GO AND GET A JOB AS AN ARMY CHEF.
actually I don't have a cat and I don't use an easle.

paul leblanc - 12/24/98 02:46:11
My Email:www.tsimehcla@aol.com
i am an artist who uses alchemical symbols and themes in my work.(read my e-address backwards). i am interested also in like-minded souls. ---suggestions?

Mercutio - 12/13/98 20:35:54
My Email:ahska@hotmail.com, jjchrist@students.wisc.edu
hola ben! im just starting to check this page out, from when you sent me the link before thanksgiving. anyway, so far i find it interesting. i will peek around some more, and then masturbate over it (if you're lucky.

Mike Kaney - 12/06/98 23:34:49
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/WestHollywood/Stonewall/3407
My Email:Guru_Mike@yahoo.com
Love the art in the gallery! Take care!

jadeyes - 12/01/98 02:18:21
nice page. co-op? interestingly confusing. Hermetic . . . now there's a word i haven't heard in a long time. i actually own on of a very old sixteen book set of "Hermetic books of mysticism and the Kabala." it was given as a birthday present . . . special ordered. it took the store owner three mon hs to find it. i was impressed. nice place. good job.

Christine - 10/27/98 07:24:27
My Email:ceboisvert@yahoo.com
"The Internet is a great way to get on the Net." -Bob Dole

10/25/98 12:43:56
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Cool page Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook

- 10/15/98 19:02:29

Alcyone - 10/10/98 04:14:20
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/sinkme/
My Email:mree_lee@hotmail.com
Hi! I got here the weirdest way. I'm doing an alchemy project for school and ended up here! Visit my page. It has a little bit on alchemy too!! bye now!

- 09/30/98 20:20:48

Daan - 09/19/98 02:38:31
My Email:daan@nottingham.org
Read The Bible Mein Kampf The Koran Satanic Verses "DAANS's IDEAS Vol. I" and think yourself

shawn owens - 09/14/98 02:15:42
My Email:srowens@prodigy.net
hey ben this is todd here visiting shawn up in minneapolis before we go to seattle to see nick cave this week wonderful art i hope to see you soon as dan has set up a potential show with us playing music at the coop have a good one. todd shawn here hey been beautiful website anxious to see your musical and yourself soon! xxoo shawn

Danny Fashion - 09/03/98 15:44:01
My Email:dcashin@hotmail.com
Hey- I know you you're that guy who wrote the play about the schizophrenic who stole his bosses back door key and got fired and lost his apartment. yeah,and then this cute little faggot boy tried to get your back door key, on stage even, but he only got he verbal shaft. beep beep beep beep. transmission error see you on friday. p.s. time to put the drugs away and get famous

Volmarr Bryyan Wyrd - 09/03/98 03:27:09
My URL:http://yggdrasil.home.mindspring.com/
My Email:volmarr@mindspring.com
Ben old buddy... where ya been?!?!? WOW!! So you've got sucked into the web too eh? :) Hey do you live at Notingtonham now? Are you still with that Bulgarian girl? Hey are you even still in Mad-town? Hehehe! wow!! Email me! Hey do you have ICQ?

thomas - 08/13/98 16:50:44
My URL:http://cletus.adnc.net/~websites/pkimball/

Chris "the" Haffly - 06/01/98 17:03:01
My Email:haffly@campbell.mps.ohio-state.edu
There once was a time When it seemed so important That it all came about But now there's some doubt As to the reason we're here Sure, some say it's fear Of pain and reprisal and Earning the scorn of my peers But thier opinions don't matter When all they do is chatter About silly things...

lc - 05/20/98 22:27:34
By encapsuing the content in title, you reduced the vistis significantly. Hey, everyone, click on the title to enter!

kat - 03/30/98 04:55:28
My Email:kat@dwave.net
Vir, you moon faced assassin of Joy!

troll - 03/28/98 03:02:55
My Email:troll@dwave.net
Form a wedge!

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