News From Ron Wild
(The Haggis Hunter)
Only one race to mention this time around, the Moray Road Runners 10k. This was my first outing since hamstring trouble following the last X-country race of the season. Thankfully I can report that I finished the race without any further mishap but what a difference a year makes, last year at the same race I was disappointed in my time of 50:40 minutes, this year I was more than happy with a slightly faster 50:30 mins. I am now looking forward to an injury free summer following my rehabilitation.
I have been enjoying a two week holiday at the end of March which consisted of going for a run every day. I have used this opportunity to do some exploring on my own door step more or less, finding my way around the forestry commission land at Grange (Aultmore Forest), Huntley (Bin Forest), Bennachie hill range near Inverurie and the beach / woodland of Lossiemouth.
Aultmore Forest is only a mile away from me but I’ve waited until I was in possession of an Ordnance survey map before tackling the forest trails for fear of getting lost. The Bin Forest is well ‘way marked’ but local legend has it that a panther roams the area and I even know someone who swears he has seen. Lossiemouth is very picturesque but if the RAF are practicing it can be very noisy and the air is thick with the smell of aviation fuel. Bennachie is a large mountainous area which will take me several visits to cover in full. On a blustery day I walked / ran the 1700 feet to one of the summits in the range. At the very top I encounter a couple of 80+ year old guys in their kilts, they did really well to get to the top and stay there because of the wind but as the descent from the summit was really quite tricky I would not be suppressed to find them still there !
On my way back down the sound of bagpipes could be heard, I’ve no idea where they were coming from in such a wilderness but I guess the player’s neighbours were glad he was not practicing at home. This reminds me of the old joke “what is the definition of a Gentleman”?  Someone who can play the bagpipes but doesn’t.
Finally with the clocks going forward we are back to training away from the streets of Keith. Our first session was a haul up to Caird Hill another Forestry Commission site just on the outskirts of Keith. Unfortunately there are no breathtaking views from the top as you are still surrounded by trees but after a 30 minute run to get to the top I did not have any ‘breath’ left to take away.

Hope to see you soon.


PS - Some tragic news this Easter weekend, a friend, neighbour and running colleague was killed in a motor bike accident. She was a member of Keith running club, a really strong runner and will be sadly missed.