The Community and Families of
Cloz, Val di Non, Italy
The Principal Families being:
Angeli, Canestrini, Cescolini, Dalpiaz, Floretta, Franch , Gembrini , Menghini, Parolari, Paternoster, Perazza, Rauzi, Rizzi, Zanoni, Zuech
Also the Families:
Calovini, Catt, Clauser, Dorighini, , Flor, Gentilini, Gori, Leonardi, Luchi, Ongher, Seppi, Wegher, Zaffon

To all families whose roots reach back to the Val di Non and especially Cloz, this site is dedicated.
Special thanks must go to Collene Jackson whose ground work is the foundation of this web site
and Allen Rizzi for his immeasurable support!
Map courtesy of Universita degli Studi di Trento
Community of Cloz Parish of Santo Stefano Church of Santa Maria
Father Benjamin Franch Our Visit to Cloz - June 1999 Immigrant Ancestors
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