Take pride in wearing any of these C.L. Recording shirts. The cost is $8.
Although this shirt can not make you cool, it will make you awesome. Since It will only cost you $8, you may even feel good about yourself.

Design: Black & White
If you would like a shirt, or more information about them, please contact Caleb at follower_11@hotmail.com with name,design and size.
With this shirt, you can be Kung Fu fighting, and fast as lightning. Don't take our word for it, buy one. They are only $8!

Design: Boys lightning
Girls, you can be awesome too with another great design from C.L. Recording. You will definitley stand out with this brightly colored logo. Not only will you be able to attract some male companions, but you can also brag to your friends about how it costs $8!

Design: Girls Lightning

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