My Lean for Life Journey
On January 20, 2004, I started my journey to becoming Lean for Life. This is the second time I have done this program. In 1999, I had much success with Lean for Life as a diet, but that is where I failed. I am now committed to a lifestyle change. I am doing the At Home, but Not Alone version of the program.

My weight loss journey is about more than losing weight. I am letting go of emotional eating and dealing with the situation. I am exercising more than I have ever in my life and loving it. I am learning to make healthy food choices.
I am learning to listen to the positive voices inside instead of the negative ones. Lean for Life teaches one to Eat Better, Stress Less and Move More. That saying has become my motto in life. I make the best food choices in any situations. I don't use the holidays or any festive occasion as reason or excuse to indulge. Stressing about any situation only causes more problems. I rely on God to help me through any situation that may come my way. Why would I stress? To move more, I started with moving or walking in place for 10 minutes and increased it until now I am able to workout for an hour at a time. Walk Away the Pounds is my main source of exercise. My exercise goal for this year is variety. I am up to 35 minutes on my elliptical trainer. I am planning to invest in a gazelle (my reward for getting below 250) and I am trying out new workout videos. Keep up with my progress by reading my weight loss blog.
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Eat Better: Even when life doesn't allow you to eat perfectly, you can always "Eat Better". The awareness of what you're eating can promote better food choices. Every day, find helpful tips for healthier eating.

Move More: Even if you can't exercise for an hour every day (or a half hour every day, or even 15 minutes every day...) you can always " Move More" - more than you might have if you weren't so aware. Every day, discover easy, fun ways to "Move More".

Stress Less: Stress is one of the major reasons people cite for discontinuing a weight management program. But no matter how hectic and demanding your life is, you can always "Stress Less" even if you can't be perfectly relaxed. Every day, learn ways to manage the inevitable stress that life presents you.

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