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CL Trich -Doan: "Kiep Cam Ca"

Part I Part I
© "Created by Llian"
© "Created by Llian"
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  • This piece is just a part in the whole drama.
  • I was going to do the page for trich ddoan cai luong "Thoai Khanh Chau Tuan" but then I decided to post this piece instead because I want to change the mood for once. Most of the tuong cai luong posted so far, although deep and moving, were sad and too serious. Well, this one is different! It's a cute, romantic & happy piece of play between 2 renown actor/actress Minh Vuong & Le Thuy. I can't stress enough of their exceptional acting abilities. They truly have such great chemistry together!

    FYI, I just heard the news that nghe si Le Thuy is currently on tour in Cali. I got the info from a poster that she will present sometimes in May (?!) at Pala Casino (?!). Accompanied Le Thuy on this trip is NSUT Bach Tuyet. She is currently in San Jose (?!). If you want any news on their stays & activities, check out ---> NSUT Bach Tuyet's Official Site.
    Anyway, back to this play!

      Thành phần nghệ sĩ:
    • Minh Vuong - Binh
    • Le Thuy - Mai

    To be honest, I haven't watch to this whole drama so I don't know how the intricate plot goes. But from what I can get out of this piece, Binh (Minh Vuong) is a medical student, learning to become a doctor under the tutelage of Mai(Le Thuy)'s dad. Binh and Mai are in love and want to get marry. But before he can give his blessing, Mai's dad asks that Binh has to acquire all the medical knowledge from him & become a successful doctor first. However, instead of pursuing his study for medicine, Binh, instead, has great passion for music & always wanders off with some theatre troupes, which worried Mai because she wants them to marry as soon as possible.

    How will Mai expressed her worries to her lover?! And would Binh willing to sacrifice his passion for his love? Let's listen & see...

    High Light of the Play
    You will actually get to hear Minh Vuong refered to Le Thuy by her real name in here :)

    LT: "Ohh...khi không sao anh chửi em?"
    MV: "Anh đâu có!"
    LT: "Em mới nghe anh nói cái gì quỷ nè."
    MV: "Anh nói em giống Lệ Thủy."

    *LOL* Cute, isn't it?! =)

    Hope you enjoy!!!
    And please feel free to send me opinions, ideas on what you think of this play and/or this page... Would greatly appreciate it!
    Email me at ---> Llian@juno.com