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    Developed in the late 80's and early 90's, some rather daring efforts were made towards Macintosh emulation on the Atari ST/TT platform. 
      Starting with the Magic Sac and the 64K rom emulation, the ST found itself sharing processor time with a "Glad Mac" on its monchrome SC124 screen.
      Soon many in the Atari 16/32 bit realm were enjoying not only all the advantages of ST programs, but a newly opened doorway of Macintosh programs as well.
      As time progressed, one of the developers of the MagicSac emulator by the name of David Small would "bring the emulator back from the dead" and continue the linage with Spectre.
     Though given a ghostly name, the cartridge would be given a new body, this time accepting 128K roms.  In time, further developments were made to read 800K Macintosh disks, actual Macintosh formatted hard drives, run up to System 6.0.8. (that is documented at least) and run at greater than true speed of the contempory Macintoshes of the time.
     There is little doubt that many current Macintosh users started with a Spectre, while its flexibilitiy helped continue Atari 16/32 fandom clear into current times.

The Spectre GCR [above] was one of the later renditions of the Spectre emulation cartridge produced by Gadgets Small, Inc.  While earlier versions of Spectre required special file transfers (usually though the ST midi ports), the GCR would allow the user to connect a ST disk drive to the back of the cartridge itself and read true 800K Macintosh disks.  The emulator would not work until the user opened the cartridge and inserted two Macintosh 128K roms (bought from Apple.)

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