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Club FUN is currently undergoing some significant changes, but will be back to "normal business routines" asap.
Before finalizing our changes though, we would like to sponsor a Secret Valentine Swap for all CL's who would like to participate.

If you would like to join in the FUN

1. Just send us your CL name, your URL and your email address.
2. Once you send your information in to us, we will match you up with another CL and send you their info.
3. You may then begin to "smother your sweetie" with cards, graphics....whatever you can come up with to delight and amuse them.

Once Valentines day is past (Feburary 15th) we will post "who had who" here.

A few tips to help you be "the best" Secret Valentine:

1. Make a temporary email address from which to correspond with the person you are matched up with, so they do not guess who you are...

2. Send them something as often as possible. :)

*Some suggestions on what to send: graphics, an e-card, Valentine pages or URL's that either you come across on the web, or that you have made yourself.
A great place to start them out on some FUN activities can be found here.
Let your imagination and conscience be your guide ;) and let's have some FUN!

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