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Was founded to deliver a better computer buying and multi-service experience to the growing millions of customer using the internet. Many consumers are tired of the traditional hassles and negotiating with the standard of computer sales talk and their fancy service, Club A Internet Cafe provides a faster and easier way to navigate the process from the comfort of your own home by accessing our customer friendly site.

Many people ask, " How does Club A work?"

In brief, Club A Internet Cafe is an enormous referral and personal services using Internet Technology to connect our members and the people with their business associate, family and friends in the area or even in the world. Using our website, you can research, ask for a quotation, configure and price the kind of service and the same, when buying a computer with us, before submitting the purchase request. Our trained, attentive personnel will respond to any quotation and request, within 24 hours. The customer receives a firm, competitive quote. Just email us!

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The city of Davao has once been ranked 17th by Asiaweek Magazine as one of the top 40 most livable cities in Asia.


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