Aytanit News (Part II)
6th September 2001 - Andre' Paul Bouhasin , son of Dr. John and Nina Khoury Bouhsain of Aitanit , graduated from Saint Louis University school of Medicine on May 19th , 2001 .
Andre' Bouhasin M.D. is currently a resident at Saint Louis University Health Center , Internal Medicine Division.
The Bouhasin family resides in Saint Louis , Missouri and is proud of its Aitanit roots.
Congratulations to the Bouhasin family and to Andre for this great achievement.
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22nd December 2001 - During all summer , the municipality of Aytanit took care of the reconstruction and building all the walls on the border of the main streets of the Village. Now the visitor can very quickly notice the difference as soon as he enters our village. The major walls were built in stones as our ancestors used to do.
The villagers thank the president of the municipal council Mr. Khalil Karam and all the members for their efforts and time . Congratulations for a job well done.
To see the pictures of the latest achievements , visit the page :
www. oocities.com/aytanit/achievements
13January 2002 - The election of the new committee of the Aytanit Club for the year 2002 was held on the 23rd of December 2001 .
The new committee members are : Mr. Maurcie Khalil Nohra (President) , Mr. Anouar Girgis Salwan (Vice President) , Miss Wafa Chawki Kawkabani (Secretary) , Miss Cherine Bassam Habboush (Treasurer) , Mr. Zahi Chawki Kawakabani (President of the Social Committee) , Miss Manal Antoine Abounader (President of the Cultural Committee) , Mr. Joseph Bassam Habboush (President of the Volley Ball Commitee) and Mr. Mazen Tony Aina (President of the Ping Pong Committee) .
Congratulations and good luck for the new members .