Hanging Out in Lincoln Center!!!!!!!
The Lincoln Center Opera House is one of the most be beautiful places in New York City.  The best part of the Lincoln Center Opera House is the Fountain Plaza!!!!!!
The Fountain Plaza at Lincoln Center (located on Columbus and 63rd Street) is one of the best places to relax and chill.  The Fountain is absolutely beautiful and it is a good place to bring a romantic friend to sit down and chat.  It is beautiful in both the day and the evening.  MTV doesn’t host their music awards there for nothing.  Best part is that it is absolutely free to sit by the fountain. 

Today I went to the Fountain Plaza to relax and chill, but the fountain was turned off.  Needless to say, I was absolutely livid.  Then I read some sign that said that the fountain is not running because of the drought that New York City is suffering right now.  When I read that I yelled, “WHAT KIND OF BOO-YA IS THAT!!!!!!   TURN ON THE FOUNTAIN!!!!!!!”  The people sitting by the non-functioning fountain did not appreciate my commentary of the City’s water policy.
So I tried to sit by the non-functioning fountain, to relax and chill, but it just wasn’t working.  Hanging out in the Fountain Plaza when the fountain isn’t working is totally WEAK!!!!!  I was having a miserable time.  At that I decided to hanging out at Lincoln Center’s Reflection pool, located near the back of Lincoln Center.  That is also a great place to relax and just think for awhile, or to talk with friends.
Wouldn’t you know it, the reflection pool was totally drained.  Again, there was a sign stating that the pool was drained for water conservation.  I was totally upset.  My whole trip to Lincoln Center seemed to be for nothing.  I was having a miserable time.  All because of New York City’s new water policy!!!!!!! 

So then I decided to hang out near the Juilliard School, a music, dance, and drama conservatory, located on the side of Lincoln Center.  The Juilliard School is mainly for college aged students, though they also have a pre-college program too, so if you are going there to pick people up, watch out for those pre-college students.
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