Not many people know this, but May is national salad month. To celebrate national salad month, Dole Inc. decided to open the first ever Museum of Salad, which is free and is open all of May at the South Street Seaport on Pier 17. When I first heard of this free event, I knew this was the kind of event that fans of Nicky C would want me to investigate. So last Saturday, I ventured to Pier 17 to check out the Museum of Salad.

First I would like to say that I have never been to the South Street Seaport at all, which is next to the financial district, located on Fulton Street and South Street. There are lots of boat museums there and ferries that will give you a tour of the East River. I thought it was very nice. It reminded me a lot of the Strand in Kingston, NY, except it was a lot bigger.

Located on the South Street Seaport is Pier 17, which is basically a small shopping mall. After all, after people sit out on the docks to look at the water or take a ferry ride, their first instinct is usually to go out shopping. Anyway, the mall is where The Dole Museum of Salad is located.

The Dole Museum of Salad is located at the entrance of the mall. The mall was packed, but no one was in the museum. I was kind of embarrassed to be the only one in there, so I decided to walk around the mall before I made my grand entrance.

A few people eventually made there way into the museum, so I then went in. To be honest, the museum was kind of lame. I did learn a lot about the history of salad (like the word salad is derived from Latin, meaning, "salted herbs,) and I learned some freaky things to (like the bags used in pre-packaged salads are apparently living things. They take in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, which is how pre-package salad can have a long shelf life without preservatives.) I even got to make a virtual salad using a computer!!!! But ultimately this was one big PR thing Dole had going on. For example, the Dole Company made sure that they mentioned that they fully comply with labor laws in various countries many times on there poster boards. That and that the pre-packaged salads get washed three different times. With-in a half-hour I got bored and left.

There were some cool street performers though at the seaport. When I walked out of the mall, there was this one mime that I almost punched in the face because I think he was making fun of me. But there was this one really cool magician, where I stood and watched him for like 45 minutes. So that was definitely worth the trip.

Overall, I would have to say the Museum of Salad was not all that. I wouldn't go out of my way, if I were you to see it. South Street Seaport, however, seemed very cool, so you may want to check that out some day.

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