HI there and this is me! My name is Jen and im a 20 year old brunette... as you can see from my pics...

You're prolly thinking..... just another web cam girl right? Well you're absolutely right!! LOL!

Hey, if you're not into checking out girls on their cams thats fine, Im into it cuz I love it...

I sometimes pop on my cam right here on yahoo, but also do it on ifriends, I can do much

more there if you know what I mean ;)


So if you want to come say hello thats great, if not have a great day.. I really dont like

saying much about myself on here, would rather do it live. So come find me and get to know



If you're not offended so far then click THIS and i'll get you set up!

Looking forward to some fun with you!!!


Jen :X


Oh and by the way my email address is hot_sweet_jen@yahoo.com