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Kristy's Page!!!


Email me at: kristy_macdonald@hotmail.com

ICQ me at: 69408131

My name is Kristy MacDonald.  I am a 17 year old girl from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

 I am in Grade 12 at Lester B. Pearson High School, in my last year.  I work at the movie

theater, Famous 8 and do co-op at MTI (Modular Telephone Interface, a good telephone

company if you ever need anything).  I originally planned to go to Brock University for

speech pathology, but now i do not know what I want to do.  I just want to have fun

right now.  I like to go out with my friends, to the mall to shop, movies, clubs,

coffee shops and anywhere else that is fun.  I want to say hi to my main

club girls Julia, Amanda, Sheena and Meagan.

Julia:  Good luck with *H* (you know what I mean)! We will
have to go driving in Mississauga again, just for you.

Amanda:  Good luck with *D*! I'm glad you are one
of the Club Girls now!

Sheena: I am glad that your bunches of guys are coming around, and
I am sure the bunches will keep on growing, never shrinking!
Please visit her page