A club created to empower and encourage women, in the workplace, at home and in other areas.  Dedicated to raising up women as role models who will become successful mentors to others.  Network, learn professional development, and socialize.  We are  united in the pursuit of excellence to achieve our goals without compromising integrity or neglecting our loved ones. For those who dare to dream we will discover new horizons together!
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Surviving Domestic Violence, helping both the victims and the abusers.  We are repeating this event by special request from KTLF Radio and others.  
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Speaker:  Leida Cadiz
When: Thursday, July 30th - 6:30 pm

If you have been a victim of Domestic Violence whether directly or indirectly, this is an event you don't want to miss.  If you would like to share your story confidentially, please send an email to clubdefemme@yahoo.com
Abuse comes in different forms, affecting men, women and children. 

Almost every day we hear the news of abusers killing their spouse, their children and then commit suicide.  What can be done? 
Leida will reveal an intimate portrait by sharing how to survive Domestic Violence; how to recognize it, how we can help others, including the victims and the abusers.  
Her father was killed when she was only 11 years old.

An excerpt of a song she wrote:  "Don't dwell in the pain, is time wasted in vain. 
HE knows your hurst don't live them again. 
Don't rehearse your wounds; is time to go on, and in JESUS' arms you'll feel secured!"

~ Served 18 years with Calvary Prison Ministry and Christian Singles.
~ Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Consultant to Fortune 500 corporations and
    government programs, addressing audiences of 5,000 to millions through live TV &
    Radio interviews (started answering callers on air on 1991)
~Author Workbook: PEARLS OF WISDOM  (Career Assessments / Decision
    Making).  In addition she wrote: VISION BUILDER  & LAZY WHO ME?
~Award winning Host & TV Producer of ENIGMA??? for 14 years.
~ Radio Producer with mentions of one of her productions in Time Magazine,
    Newsweek, CNN, ABC Nightline and others. 
~ Featured guest in a documentary filmed in California, titled "WOMEN IN
~ Named Mother of the Year while serving as a Youth Pastor
~Ordained Minister for over 16 years.

Business Showcase: Everyone will share briefly about their business, will be able to distribute, samples, business cards and/or brochures. 

Sitting is limited, make your reservations early.  
Must RSVP by Noon on Monday,, July  27th.     
Call 805-744-2882 or email clubdefemme@yahoo.com
When: Thursday, July 30th - 6:30pm
Where: Private location, we reserve the right of admission

Thank you for your donations! You can help sponsor Single Moms who are struggling financially.

Future events:  July 2009 - Concert with Steve Green near Monterey, CA
Concert with Messianic Jewish worshiper and pianist Marty Goetz, Please call to find out suggested donation to help cover concert costs.

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