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D  U  K  E
DUKE s rise in the NYC club scene began playing Larry Tee s trendsetting party ROGUE(4.11.04).  Since this party, DUKE has played and are booked to play the top venues in the nightlife capital of the states.
Before this meteoric explosion onto the music scene of New York.
DUKE had a vision of music, fashion, and full moxie.  The music is based in a classic pop structure with catchymelodies, dark beats, and a touch of class.
DUKE s styling has found them in the NEW YORK TIMES SundayStyles   "Packed too tight in Hipster Heaven" . Quoted and interviewed on July 4, 2004.
DUKE has released a 12" vinyl record called "In Bed w/Her" for the main floor of the world.  DJs have been flocking to pick up and spin the record at the hottest parties in New York and Berlin.  The following DJs have included "In Bed w/Her" in their sets:
KEOKI (coch), Larry Tee (Mogul Electro), DJ Unknown (SONY red), Johnny Dynell , Felix Da Housecat (Emperor Norton), Tommie Sunshine , DJ Eddie , Spencer Product (LakeShore), Cowboy Mark , and
Miss Kittin (Gigolo).
Now that DUKE
has established themselves as a premier new act other cities are clamoring for bookings.  This winterfind DUKE s music on internationally released compilations (Mogul Electro,Gentle Electric)
(Cleopatra Records,Electro Wave).
DUKEs pulsating live shows have attracted a diverse audience of music devotees.  Including Downtown 81s Erika Belle (x-Madonna pal/dancer), to art school students, scene-sters, and suburban desperadoes.  There have even been celebrity sightsings at shows of such noteablesas MOBY , Kenny Kenny , Yoko Ono , Sean Lennon , Bijou Phillips , Paris Hilton , Eddie Slimane , Richie Rich  and Amanda Lepore .  The live
show buzz has crossed the Atlantic and ZDF Europes largest TV network has covered
DUKEs industry release party.  
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DUKE please refer to    

This is some of the most fresh electro house to come out since Tigas "Pleasure From The Bass".  DUKE, a New York band that started its soon rise to fame in the summer of 2004.  Rising out of the ashes of Larry Tees (Mogul Electro) electroclash artists the self released EP, (available on Vinyl & CD) features the track "In Bed w/Her", and is a stand out electro house track.  Highly energized fat synth lines and a deep electro house beat keep the track rolling, while vocals are delivered in a homage to D.A.F.s style of fetish symbolism.  With an extended remix and dusk remix, the track comes into its own by breaking into deep beats and electro breaks.  The other tracks on the EP are also very engaging, "Penthouse Hell" is a Gang of Fourish funk meets Chicks On Speed 99 Cents era.  This is my favorite single of the month, and I cant wait to unleash it on a dance floor in the middle of a great mix.  I would love to see what a producer like Tiga or Richard X could do with this band.