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Chat is an integral part of club/group participation. Through chat we develop an understanding of each others personalities not prismed through the recursive filter of self-editing found in e-mail and message board posts. More plainly, we are more ourselves, more relaxed, more conversational. In CFC, we use the chat forum to discuss problems, to get to know each other, to test out technology with assistance, and to have fun. We try to have such sessions on a monthly basis, recognizing that more often might interfere with your participation in your own clubs.

This section of our homepage provides glimpses into our chat sessions through the record of chat transcripts, discusses chat software, introduces the concept of avatars, contains our avatar library, and our avatar registry. We invite you to enjoy and become familair with who we are by participating with us in chat.

Chat Transcripts

Chat Software: CheetaChat



What are Avatars?

Set 1: Textural Avatars

Set 2: Graphical Avatars

Custom Avatars (CFC Library)

Who's Who: Member Registry

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