Yahoo! Club Founders' Club / Club Horror Story Contest
Year 2001

It may seem the wrong time of year for horror stories, but--despite the decoration--this contest wasn't about the Halloween sort of thing at all. The idea was to report on problems (horror stories) related to club activity and how the problem was solved, if solvable. Through the contest, we hoped to build a file of problems which the average club faces for Club Founders' Club FAQs, advice to the warry, so that we, hopefully, might all learn a trick or two.

The contest began on April 1, 2001 and concluded at, appropriately enough, midnight on May 13, 2001. Prizes were to include:

Grand Prize   Featuring (or re-featuring), reprint of horror story, winner's graphic logo for display.
Second Prize   Reprint of horror story, personal logo image for Yahoo! ID Profile use, winner's graphic logo for display.
Third Prize   Reprint of horror story, winner's graphic logo for display.

Stories were judged according to the following criteria:

  • Does the story suggest a problem which might be common to all clubs/groups?
  • Is the problem of a character that one would deal with as founder/owner (moderator)?
  • Does the story propose a solution to the problem?
  • Artistic Merit: best story (subjective score)

On July 28, 2000, the judges finally announced the following results:


Message 4485 -- Horror Story Contest -- 5/11/01 11:41 am

I had a club back in about late '98. It was my first club. Everything seemed to be going well. I had members join and it was pretty active. It turned ugly when I had a spammer come in post his ad and go. I deleted his post, warned him not to do it again. Next day he comes in, does it again. I give him another warning that if he continues he will be deleted. Again, next day comes back. I deleted him and yet he came back with different ids. I was finally forced to make the club unlisted. Everything settled down until a member of my club pointed out he saw a Hate Club about me. I went there, read the messages and such. I was so upset over this. I mailed them and asked them to delete the club. They didn't. I just gave up. The spammer somehow found a way to join my unlisted club. He hacked(how I don't know) my Yahoo! Id and promoted himself as a co-founder. A few days later, my Yahoo! Id name and club were deleted. Since then, the Hate Club about me has been deleted and I've moved on creating a new ID name and co-founding a club. I learned a lot in a way from that experience.

Around the Globe Friends

* -- Reprinted from an e-mail entry by AngelPie_Mouse.


(aka sjmpgrad2000)

Message 4478 -- Horror Story Contest -- 5/10/01 12:28 pm

This "horrific" experience happened to me with one of the clubs I belong to with my other yahoo ID...

Last year, I joined a yahoo support club, which was fairly well established. Now, the club founder claimed that they were a therapist (note: I did not join the club because of what that person was claiming!). Anyways, this person also claimed that they were involved in a romantic with another member of the club. When things started to go "sour" in the relationship, the founder said that they were being stalked by that member. Taking legal action was threatened. Well, the next thing you know, a series of new clubs started to appear (more than 10 public and private clubs, I recall), created by this founder. Back, and forth...all the members of the club moved...trying to figure out exactly what happened. A series of "copycat" clubs were created too, promoting hatred towards the original club and other clubs like it. Pretty soon, it was an online battle of posts against one another! The founder, then, started using a number of alias, which featured "adult content." Pretty soon, all of the founder's clubs were deleted (we don't know who did it, but we were pretty sure it was yahoo and not the founder). When the members of the original club started to make a new club, this founder joined. It's been a couple of months now, and we haven't heard from the founder, nor the member they were having the relationship with. The last thing this founder claimed was that they had moved to Utah in order to be with the club member they had the relationship with. Since then, it was as if the founder and their "relationship" have vanished.

Sjmpgrad2000 (wondering if this experience is "horrific" enough...)

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Message 4503 -- Horror Story Contest -- 5/12/01 7:45 pm

This is the horror story from my very first club also:

I made up a new yahoo ID called Candikisses_2001 and I joined my club under this ID and made that Id a co-founder.. So one night i'm looking at the member list and see that we have a new member named Butterflykisses_2001 and she was a co-founder and next to her name she said thanks to one of my co-founders for inviting her and I thought that was strange because if you know someone you won't use their whole yahoo id you'll more than likely just say their first name..So I p.m. the co-founder that she mentioned and asked what was going on and she said that she did'nt know her and did not invite her to the club. So we got really scared because we had no idea who this person was or how she became a founder. So after a few days I deleted the club and started another one (unlisted). So now I am very careful about letting members invite people to my new club we have fewer members but at least we all know each other and feel safe to post what we like without someone invading us. That's my club horror story.


Candace's Mississippi Moms' Club


Honorable Mentions were awarded to: alska_du (#4482), blsrfhs (#4486), cj_31_1968 (#4508), and irmgard_au (#4509).


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