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We are always cognizant of the fact that your own clubs activities should and must take precedent over participation in Yahoo! Club Founders' Club (CFC). Contests and events in our club are intended to enhance your membership with us, making it more fun, but they are also intended to present ideas that you can take away from your participation with us and apply to your own clubs.

Typical contests and events we present in CFC include (click contest name):

  • Post #-K
    Message board numbers represent milestones of club activity. As we approach a post thousand, we announce that the contest is "on" and the prize to be awarded for the person posting the message closest to that number (CFC founders and SPAM messages are excluded). The prize usually includes club featuring.
  • Horror Story Contest for 2001
    Not a Halloween horror story, but the sort that affect clubs. The idea is to present the problems common to clubs and the solutions found. The prize usually includes a graphic as trophy and republication of the winning entries: first, second, third prize. (Also, see: Horror Story Contest for 2000)
  • Holiday Link Contest
    Developing a listing of links pertainent to any holiday for clubsite art and e-greetings is an important group activity. We typically award recognition to the members presenting the most diverse and interesting list of links according to the current contest rules. The prize usually includes a graphic trophy and member featuring for one week for the first prize, newsletter and graphic trophy for second and third prizes. It should be noted that all members are winners in this contest through the publication of the list of links generated.
  • Particpation Ideas Contest
    Finding ways to get your members to join in the fun and remain interested is one of the most important activities of CFC. We award special recognition to that member who devised the most ingenious contest shared on our message board.
  • Member of the Month
    Awarded in our monthly newsletter, this award is only made when a member through their participation and helpfulness to others shines.

The main point of most of these contests is to generate ideas and useful information for use in all member clubs. When we pool our research, knowledge, experience, and information, all members of CFC benefit. We hope you will participate.

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