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The stated purpose of the Yahoo! Club Founders' Club (CFC) is the promotion and networking of the Yahoo! Clubs and Groups, to assist club/group administrators with technical questions and general member issues within their communities, to share information in order to promote a better community experience overall. Therefore, as the title above implies, this listing is not of individual members of the CFC, but a listing of the Yahoo! Clubs and Groups they represent. The list serves two purposes:
  1. it promotes interest in the clubs/groups member to CFC, which is one reason why administrators join; and
  2. it promotes those clubs or groups which do not otherwise have websites and would be otherwise unable to join the webring.

Individual members, it is assumed, will be listed on the sites of which they are otherwise a representing member. The listing, here, links directly to the club itself, its website, or to contact information for inquiry concerning joining the club.

Because of the number of members, clubs are listed in alphabetical order and divided according the first letter of the clubname. Articles such as "a" or "the" were not included in the sorting designation unless they were part of the club or group name. Clubs or groups referenced by proper name designations were sorted by the word appearing first, not last name.

Members A-B


Members C

Members D-F


Members G-H

Members I-L


Members M-O

Members P-R


Members S

Members T


Members U-Z

Notes to CFC members:
If you would like to submit your club or group or correct any information listed here, please write: AngelPie_Mouse.

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