Yahoo! Club Founders' Club

A monthly newsletter is something we've been meaning to inaugurate since we began this club. At long last, this service joins the list of those Yahoo! Club Founders' Club provides to its membership.

Our newsletter will include the following features as specific departments:

  • Editorial (Founders' Message)
  • Scheduled Chat Sessions (with pre-announced topics when possible)
  • Member of the Month Award
    (founders' choice; person who contributes
    most helpful info to the Message Board; when possible)
  • Club/Member News
    (including contests and personal news)
  • Software/Technical Review (as available)
  • Club Business Announcements

Yes, it is an ambitious undertaking, but one we think we can handle with your help. If you would like to contribute your time, writing skills, digital artistry, or two cents worth, please write AngelPie_Mouse@Yahoo.Com.

This listing is presented in descending order from the most recent back.

Volume Two; Issue Two


for Monday -- August 20, 2001


Volume Two; Issue One


for Monday -- July 16, 2001


Volume One; Issue Eleven


for Wednesday -- May 9, 2001


Volume One; Issue Ten


for Friday -- April 6, 2001


Volume One; Issue Nine


for Monday -- March 12, 2001


Volume One; Issue Eight


for Wednesday -- February 7, 2001


Supplement One/Special Edition


for Monday -- January 15, 2001


Volume One; Issue Seven


for Wednesday -- January 10, 2001


Volume One; Issue Six


for Monday -- December 4, 2000


Volume One; Issue Five


for Monday -- November 6, 2000


Volume One; Issue Four


for Friday -- October 20, 2000


Volume One; Issue Three


for Friday -- September 1, 2000


Volume One; Issue Two


for Sunday -- August 13, 2000


Volume One; Issue One


for Sunday -- June 25, 2000


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