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The graphics on this page were created or adapted exclusively for the members of Club Founders' Club and Yahoo_Group_Of_Groups for their use in decorating their community interfaces. At present, the offerings include 150x150-pixel images only and midi sound files only. As well, there are images created exclusively for CFC Featured Groups. We hope in future to offer graphic websets and sound files.

Please download the graphic by right clicking and choosing the "save image as" menu option. You may then upload to your own space without worry of data transfer difficulties. Do not link to any graphic directly as we already have issues with data transfer restrictions which may cause the graphic to fail if used in this manner.

Some of the graphics on these pages are animated. Animated graphics should never be viewed and saved using an ordinary graphic editor unless it is an editor that is animation capable as this will result in the loss of the image compression creating the animated quality.

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Many of the images used in greeting displays were developed from these sources:
123Greetings (, Oh, My Goodness (no longer available),
MediaBuilder (, Care2 (,
Celebration and Holiday ClickArt Broderbund Software (,
Corel Mega Gallery (, and other Internet sources.

This page and its graphics were created and/or adapted by
exclusively for Club Founders' Club, Yahoo_Group_Of_Groups, and their members.
It is best viewed on a 800x600 or larger screen set for True Color
with Netscape or Microsoft and
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