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Word Is Born, Melbourne Style!

Its taken me 6 months to put hands to keypad to update this shit but here we go. Biggest shouts going out to the LS28/LS29 massives that landed downunder about 230 years after Cook and large'd it big time. Christ Mass and New Year was pretty much the best you can get on the beach and then seeing where Sydneysiders taxes go in the biggest fireworks show know to man. Much Respect!

Rocked on down to Melbourne about two months ago and have been working like a dog. All good though as i is making some dam fine guitars. Checkout the goods Cole Clark Guitars; Currentley being used by Ben Harper,Queens Of The Stone Age, a dude called Pete Murray whos massive out here and Sleepy Jackson.

Melbourne's where Australia's at. If you forget about the fact that there have been 24 Gangland murders in ther last 3 years(How can Sydney match that!), its pretty much the "Easiest Place To Live In The World" they reckon. Pretty true really and home to the greastest Australians of all time. Shane Warne & Kylie!

As Melbournes the capital of the Aussie Rules Football circuit with 11 0r so of the leagues 16 teams all coming from Melbourne its pretty hard to miss the action. Having studied all the local teams I've finally picked my boyz for the season. ESSENDON!

Obviously they sound like a load of Ezzies but there actual nickname is the Bombers. The main thing that caught my eye was the fact that there manager of 24 years is called Kevin Sheedy. The fact that they are currently bottom of the AFL after round 2 just makes it feel right. Always the underdog! Follow the AFL by clicking HERE;

As for the Bantams, 6 out of 6 and we'll be playing Beeston Utd next year. Not looking good though!

Reet, thats enough random gubbins, check out the mass of pictures that are now kicking round on t'internet of people titting around.



OZ GIG's feat. J5,Jazzy Jeff,Evan Dando,Architecture In Helsinki,White Strips,Beth Orton,Super Furry Animals,Har Man Superstar and more. HERE FOR SLIDE SHOW;

Namaste India - Some quality pictures of Indians. CLICK HERE FOR SLIDE SHOW;

Shooting Gunz in Cambodia - CLICK HERE FOR SLIDE SHOW;

Back In Nam! Vietnam Pictures. CLICK HERE FOR SLIDE SHOW;


Ginty's Pictures OF New Year! CLICK HERE;

And Checkout Stu's Website for even more.CLICK HERE ; if you haven't seen enough already!

News Just In, the Bantams have one the first of their 6 games for survival and even the mighty Essendon bagged a victory. All good, shame about Beeston getting a result. Hopefully Arsenal and Chelsea will have the nails for their coffin in the coming weeks. Congrates to Daddy Mac and Bex on the Boy Jacob, hope all is well.

Right, I'm out like Terry Waite.



Friday Nov 7th:   New website drops!

Well we've been in Sydney just over a month and you could well say we've landed on our feet. Got the flashest pad in town and managing to work enough to pay for the luxury. Pictures to follow of the pad and some more live webcasts when we get round to it. Check the new flat mates who've landed. Nicola & Stu in the house. Spare a though for Tat though as he's getting smacked by a load of rock hard Thai lads in his Thai Boxing school. Chang Mai  is well dope though.

Shouts going out to all the good things in Sydney:

Evrey club or venue is within walking distance of our house. (J5, Roots, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Pogo, The Strokes, SFA, Cypress Hill, Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Young MC & Tone Loc all passing through)

You can get Irn Bru here.

We get to see the Harbour Bridge and t'Opera house on our way to work.

Theres about 10 beaches a bus ride away.

Too many to mention at the moment, it will all start making sense once we realize we're living in Sydney. Bit of a culture shock coming from Asia but not as much as leaving India.

As for the Phantom, no ones heard from the purple headed fella for a while lets just hope the Dampeners not caught up with him. If you need advice, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire the Phantom. Drop him a line!

Until tomorrow, peace!


Previous notes:


14th September, Luang Prabang.

'Oh! What a delightful paradise of idelness this country protects, by the fierce barrier of the stream, against progress and ambition for which it has no need!
Will Luang Prabang be, in our century of exact sciences, of quick profits, of victory by money, the refuge of the last dreamers, the last lovers, the last troubadours?'

Not my words but the wise words of Marthe Bassene. A French woman married to a colonial doctor, wrote in her published journal of 1909. Think shes hit the nail on the head.
Doesn't seem like 7 months since leaving Blightey, but here we are in Laos. Up there as the most beautiful country yet. We've eaten curry everyday since landing in Vietiane from Hanoi on Friday. Managed to stick to the same Indian restaurant( And a hatrick of the same dish) in 3 different towns. Nazims is run by a great bunch of lads from Madras who do a mean curry.If your ever in Laos, check them out. Marthe would have loved them!

Other than that monday was an arduous day involving tubing down a river and drinking Beer Lao at the various bars that you get pulled into on the way down. In amongst some of the most stunning scenary we've seen since we left. With the sun baking down it didn't seem like a monday. Proper Bo I Tell Thee. Pictures to follow.
Currentley looking at getting a house in Sydney and getting jobs.(Jobs a four letter word to us). Anyone with any advice on such matters needs to drop us a line.
New website dropping when we get to Oz! Reet, I'm off to get my wig cut and a shave.
Peace Out All!
August 10th

What's up y'all? Currently chilling in Vietnam's Southern capital Saigon(Ho Chi Minh CIty) and have been for the last 5 days. Arrived via a 12hr bus journey from Kampot (Cambodia) and haven't got round to moving on yet. Maybe in the next couple of days. CD's are as cheap as you get here. 40p your copy CD's and 60p your new DVD's. Managed to limit myself to about 100 CD's all though it could rise. Would be rude not to pick up the compilations by Tommy Boy, Blaxpotation, Blue Note and Motown. Hopefully will be able to DJ in Oz with them and the Jukebox instead of fruit picking and office work. New Pictures can be found on Tat's journals and hopefully mine in the next couple of days. Check out the new Pudsey Liberal Club website on the links for some quality footage from last season. Big Up Mark and Russ for picking up the player of the year awards. Might be worth checking out the Phantom Page if your a fan of Craig David. Looks like hes not the only after advise from the Phantom. Bo Selecta! Peace!

Recomended Listenings: Mr.Lif- Live From The Plantation, Ride- Going Blank Again, Mos Def - Black On Both Sides, Manic Street Preachers. Braintax- Birofunk. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
July 17th 2003:

Just a quick word before we head down the snooker hall. In Cambodia at the moment to see Ankgor Wat. The most amazing set of Temples in the world. Took a few days to visit the temples due to the quality of the local green baize. These boyz love there snooker and had Jimmy'Whirlwind' White playing in one of the clubs a couple of weeks ago. TV's funny trick shot man 'John Virgo'was also in town. They both necked a bottle of Vodka before playing and Jimmy went on to lose every game.
Whatched sunrise from a hotair balloon over Angkor Wat this morning and will hopfully have the pics shortly. Cambodian sunsets are pretty impressive as well. Click on the Angkor Wat link for some impressive math that can be read at work while pretending to be busy. The fact that these Temples line up with the Pyramids and Easter Island is just another part of the mystery. Big up in your area, Aye! Cambodian Peoples Party.

27th July, Glastonbury weekend:

Heres the new front page gubbins and hopefully a load of new pictures shortly. Sat in a internet cafe at the moment in Koh Tao updating things and looking out over the Gulf Of Thailand and it various Paradise Islands. That said I'm sure England is very pleasant at this time of year as well, hope it is for Glasto. Had a few proplems with the web space we use for pictures which means we lost all our most recent pictures.(The ones from India, we've got them but putting  them on the website takes a while)Not a good story for us.

We left India over a month ago now and still miss the place everyday I reckon. Thailand is a life of luxury in comparison and much the same can be said for Malaysia. Although having only lived on a beach in Malaysia for three weeks I don't really feel as if I know the place too well. It does have some of the best SCUBA Dive sites around though and is pretty cheap. I mean we've all been SCUBA diving in the South China Sea haven't we?

Plan to enter into the whole 'Dive Talking' mode again in the next few days. Dirt cheap to do it around here at the moment as the tourism trade has been hit pretty badly with the SARS outbreak and Wars and that. We've been told of a 3 m Shark called Charlie whos around here somewhere that we're gonna try and find.

Big up the Mike B and his Stag Do this weekend in Blackpool. Hope you have a good one lads wish we could be there, shall have a bucket for you in our local. Take it easy on the lad.

Check out the new PHANTOM PAGE & The Pudsey Libs end of season do in Brid.   Peace!

 10th May

As you can see this hasn't been updated much recently. This is due to the stressful life we've found ourselves leading on the various paradise Islands of South East Asia. We've just spent the last 3 weeks on the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia and have just landed in Thailand on Ko Pha-Ngan and await the full moon (Its well expensive as well on the t'internet on the islands!).

Obviously we've all dived ship wrecks in The South China Sea so I wouldn't need to tell about a whole new world that is underwater and the joys of SCUBA. A lot of fun.

Should be able to put more on when we hit Bangkok in a couple of weeks.

Bo People!

10th April, 2003.

'The people of Goa have music in there blood and football in there heart's'

Heard this before we headed to Goa and its definately true. So far we've managed to play beach football with Brazilian's, Portuguese, Scots, the Spanish and t'Indians. All brilliant footballers but not of the caliber of the LS28 sqaud. Although saying that after 3 matches we've still to record a victory. Some brilliant one touch stuff in the last game leaves us full of confidence going in to the next game.

Headed to an Island of Goa which is owned by the Indian Navy. It only took a few bottles of bear from our guide and some food for the lighthouse keeper to let us have a look around and do some snorkeling. The trip back to Goa over the Arabian Ocean saw rough seas and some 20ft waves breaking over the bow.

Because of the SARS flu in Thailand The Stones decided to cancel there Thailand dates and head to India a week early. We didn't find out till the night of the rescheduled gig so have maybe missed our chance to see the ageing rockers. To make it worse we saw a dude in a gig t-shirt down the market the following day. 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' has never rung so true. Hopefully we'll catch them in Thailand on the rescheduled dates.

'Quit Your Job & Have Some Fun, Listen to The Rolling Stones In The Sun'