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            Guest Editor awp_44 from Australia

            Hi there, allow me to introduce myself. My Yahoo Name is awp_44 aka Alan. I am the founder of the Australian_Genealogical_Researchers Club, which is a member of the Clubs Go Round Group as is this club. I am aware that SheJag has been having some problems and following discussions with other founders in the Clubs Go Round Group I volunteered to put together a News Letter for the Wisconsin Researchers Group. In the last couple of days I have heard that SheJag may soon be back on line. She has shifted house, is now working part time (which is certainly good to hear) but has had some computer problems but working on getting them fixed and hopes to be back on line soon.

            First all I will tell you a little bit about myself. I live in Victoria a State of Australia and have been doing Family Research now for 5 years. I started doing it whilst I was on sick leave from my employment for 5 months in 1997. I was employed as a Project Manager in the Telecommunications Field and wanted to keep my mind active. Little did I know at that time what an obsession it would become. The reason I picked Genealogy is that on of my daughter's several years before was doing a school project and asked me about my Grandparents and where they came from. I knew that that on my Father's side that they came from Scotland in 1912 and were actually in Durban South Africa when the Titanic sank. I also knew that on my mother's side that her father came from England and her mothers side came from England and Ireland. Other than that basic information I could not without contacting family members on both of my parents sides tell her much more. This I did so she was at least able to take a basic Family History Project to School.

            I retired at the end of 2000 and since then have been able to spend a good bit of my time researching, with success on all of my lines bar my Scottish ones. But I will keep persevering and will one day break down those brick walls.

            To find out a little bit about Australia and its people you may want to check out the URL below. The first one gives information on Australia from its discovery onwards. The second one is my Home Page where you can find links to Australian Sites, Australian State Sites and other Sites that I have used in my research.

            Documenting a Democracy Australia's Story

            The Home Page of Alan W Paul (awp_44)

            Welcome to the new members in the club. We hope that you enjoy your stay here with us. If you post your surnames on the message board we will be able to help you with your brick walls, or at least take a hammer and chip away with you at them. If you are able to do look-ups in a particular area, or if you have books or other genealogy information you would be willing to share please let us know, so we may post it on our web pages. One of the reasons I volunteered to do this News Letter was to show members that there are ways of finding out places to research on the Internet with little or no knowledge of the area. My own knowledge of the USA is some what limited, I know that there are 50 States and that Alaska was the last state admitted to the union and prior to that Hawaii. As far as Wisconsin went I knew it was a State in the USA but now where in the USA it was, well now I do it is in the North Western Side of the US (well that is were I would assume it is in taking in were I am situated) on the Canadian Border to the North and Minnesota, Iowa and Illonios the US states bordering it. It has 72 counties.
            We are also a member of a ring of clubs that specialize in different areas of research. To visit them please click on the links provided at the bottom of our page. CJ's club provides Canada researchers with a place to visit, Whitemoonraven's club specializes in Native American Research, CGC works with California and computer researching. My club Australian_Genealogical_Researchers provide assistance in Researching in Australia, however I do have some knowledge of researching in the UK as well.

            I have noticed that the last Newsletter had some recipes well I am no cook but have included a recipe for Aussie Damper

            Australian Damper

            This bread made by bush settlers may be baked on the open fire or in a regular oven. As is typical of hand-me-down recipes, there are as many versions as there are bush babies. One recipe we read says to use beer instead of milk, then wrap the dough around a stick and cook over an open fire.
            * 2 cups self-rising flour
            * 1/2 teaspoon salt
            * 2 teaspoons sugar
            * 3 tablespoons butter
            * 1 cup milk
            Mix the flour, salt and sugar together in a bowl. Cut in the butter until fine crumbs form. Add milk to make a soft dough. Knead lightly on floured board until smooth. Shape into round loaf, brush with milk, and bake at 375 degrees F. for 30 to 40 minutes, or until the loaf makes a hollow sound when tapped.

            I hope that you enjoy my Guest Editorship. If you have anything you want to comment on, please feel free to email me at alanwpaul@yahoo.com, or post a comment on the message boards of Wisconsin Researcher!

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