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updates - 25/07/02:
Put up some new stuff, rememberd to link the links...capital idea that...
So I went out last saturday to a friend's shin-dig at this place called "Bar Nothing".  Well it was three of my friends birthday to be precise and they were all celebrating it with a blooming amount of people that i didn't know, and others that I do, but havn't seen for a while...a while being 22 hours.  Anyway, John came round to pick me up and from there we tried to venture our way out to dan's place to pick his irreverent self  up but neglected to mention on the phone that
streets around his area were blocked off due to road work.  So when John and I came upon this road block, we turned around to go a different route which only resulted in more road blocks standing in the way of our task.  So we kept on driving.  Eventually we came to a road that we new but unfortunately, didn't know which way to turn when we came to the intersection at the end of it.  So I tell john to turn left, thinking taht this is would lead us in the right direction and hopefully bring us to a land mark we might reckognize.  So we kept on driving.  Shortly after, less and less street lightsseem to be around us until we end up with far too much bush around us than we new should be expected of the area where dan lives.  So when we finally decide that this long, darkened road is not the right path to take when it turns into a dirt road when we try to turn around and end up on the outskrirts of some sort of farm for geese - and they didn't look to happy either, me thinks they looked like prime eating material for the farmers dinner.  But anyway, we went back the way we came, all the way back to the intersection and went right this time, which thankfully lead us to a round-about that was all-to-familiar to my eye.  So we  picked up dan and went on our merry way to Bar Nothing.
Taking the freeway into the city, we arrived in Carlton, searching for the correct street, and finding the bar which we almost missed if dan hadn't of kept his eye's sharp as, from the ouside, it looked quite closed.  So we parked, walked up and went inside to find quite a nice place filled with warm lighting, those comfy charis and couches, and a couple of piseed-off bar maids.  So we met up with Kylie and Candice, and the other people we knew, and the one's we didnt, then dan and I got some drinks, which were cheap so I didnt mind one bit. 
Unfortunately, there were quite alot of people that were invited, so there wasn't really much room to sit in the general area of the group, so we went to a table close by.  fter a while Pam, who's party it also was, showed up and had a number of things to say. Actaually, when candice got mighty hammered up, she had quite a few things to say as well, it was shuting her up that was the real trick:)  Anyway, had a few drinks, something to eat, chatted to a numerous people, and around 1am went home to a warm, warm bed. Over all, I liked the place quite alot, mainly because there wans't any second-hand smoke there which I was thankful for and I could actually here what people were saying as there was no obscenly loud music blaring at such a number of decibles, that you can't have conversations properly,  which is indeed a most annoying ploy that lots of other places use to get people to drink more - spend more money that is.  Good nights entertainment I found.

updates - 19/07/02:
One day this week, when I started to getting back into the swing of doing my written work for uni, I was listening to talk back radio on 3AW at about 1:30 in the morning, and the type of people you get calling in at the hour in the morn is really quite fascinting.  The first person i heard was wining about the refugees, then some drunk comes on who's 12 weeks sober started complaing about the state of his half-way house, then a thirteen-year-old chick complaing about some skateboarding park not being built, then some guy complaing about him and his wife getting on the train and not one teenager getting up for his poor old wife who had arthritis (and from HIS perspective it was the Asians who were the worst at it because of the looks they give you).  When I was listening to this I realised  that a lot of people have nothing better to do than to complain and  whine about here own woes and i have nothing better do than listen to them and it is absolouty fascinating listeng to these idiots.  Its even better when you get a caller who calls up to complain about the callers before him that the've been ilstening to.  But the radio presenter was an absoloute crack up, mainly because he made smart-ass comments to a lot of the callers because the majority of them were bigits and rubes. But I suggest listening to this stuff when your about late at night.  It will surprisingly keep you very awake when doig school work.  Maybe i will ring up day and complain about something that on my mind at 1.47.am.
One other thing,  you know i was wondering how, if our number-based measurement system can be infinately divided into bi-sections, is movement possible? If you can answer that one for me, then your a fatter person than I.

right, everything is finally in order so take that flying space dog!  So anyway, looks like rain, so i better get inside.