Clyde Walkway

The Clyde Walkway, some 40miles/65 km. long, runs between Partick in Glasgow and New Lanark in South Lanarkshire. Unlike most other long distance paths in Scotland, it is an urban walk close to public transport, allowing it to be walked in however many stages may suit the walker. There are no long steep slopes to be climbed, and much of it is wheelchair friendly, but even so, good walking gear is recommended. It starts in busy city streets and ends in a spectacular gorge complete with waterfalls. Its western terminus was one of the busiest ports in the British Empire and its second city. Its eastern terminus is a World Heritage Site, and there is much to explore along the way. Links to some points of interest are included, but the list is not exhaustive

For most of its length the walkway runs close to the river so route finding is easy and maps available on line from the Ordnance Survey's Get a Map website are quite adequate, the line of the Walkway being marked by green diamonds. Most of the Walkway is metalled, or gravel path, but in some parts, the route is best described as “informal”, ie fishing path or non-existent. In the suggested second stage, that part between Carmyle Viaduct and the Rotten Calder can be difficult, particularly after a prolonged spell of wet weather. There is an alternative route via Westburn but the riverside route is less than two miles and is well worth the effort because of the huge variety of wildlife which may be seen, including cormorants, buzzards, and deer, as well as well as the more usual waterfowl. Further up the same stage a “temporary?” diversion is necessary at Blantyre due to construction work at nearby Craighead, but provision for the Walkway is included in the work. Further yet upriver, some parts between Adders Gill and Upper Carbarns Farm, and Mauldslie Bridge and Crossford are also “informal” .

The Walkway appears to be liitle known and is underused in comparison with other long distance paths and it is hoped this website will encourage more walkers to use it. This slideshow may give some idea of what people are missing.

Because there are many places of interest close to the walkway, and to allow some time for exploration, this guide has been broken down into stages shorter than those experienced walkers may be accustomed to.

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