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Adventures in Organic Farming
    During an adventure with my Cousin I discovered a world I had not yet come to know. This world that is so new to me has me in a whirlwind of emotion and physical changes that I am still adjusting to. Now keep in mind these are all good changes. I am currently eating all organic foods. Oh and yes I have tried to revert back to my old ways, but to no acceptance. My body will expell all poisons now and let me know when I eat something that might have altered.  This lifestyle will teach me the essentials necessary to build my dream.
    Farming has done so much for me that I am currently flabbergasted by the experience and, knowledge I am recieving. From growing my own food and knowing how to care for land. To understanding the importance of essential insects to the environment in which I am growing.  I have so much I want to learn, I do not know if I can. What I plan to do is to keep the knowing I feel I need, and store info. that has come my way in a solid life manual, (one day to become a bestseller) to which I will hold onto until I need it. Below are beautiful photos of Organic
Basil & Artichokes happily growing
Corn, Zucchini and Tomatoes, with a splash of Peach Trees
Peas getting ready for winter
Farms I have had the pleasure of
working on. While there, I cared for seed in the greenhouse , fertilized the sprouts with fish meal,  made the beds with ammendments, and compost, enriching the nutrients required by the soil.  to keep the soil and all micro-organisms happy. The more I learn about Organic Agriculture, the more I see how essential it is to the survival of my family, and future generations.  As I have grown up with these plants, I have learned much about individuality. Not only my own, but the importance of recognizing each plant as a seperate living organism, each with there own needs.
Melons and Yardlong beans
Up hill to the berries, apples, and tomatoes
    From proper compost-building, to crop rotatation, I have learned so much that I am eagerly anticipating being on the teaching side. Although I have a great many things left to learn, I am excited about the steps I am taking to accomplish my dream. This Organic community, of which I am now a proud member, has welcomed me with open hearts. The more I get to know the people involved in this lifestyle the more I notice the positive changes within myself. As I am one of many organic-beings living on this planet, I seek to live as a shining example to those I encounter. May all those who have not seen the benefits of organic agriculture, soon join me in supporting Mother Nature.
Grow organically, eat organically, live as an organic life form.
Moon over Ananda