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Driver /Trainer/Farrier
Chris Davison - Has lead the Briar Patch Team of Proffesionals for 5 years.
His extensive draft horse and driving background has enabled him to develop the
Briar Patch Clydesdale Pony program, for Lassie, into an industry leading example.
Margie Simons - Has traveled with the crew for several years
and she participates in showing and also raising youngstock.
Her primary interest is CDE and pleasure driving, but you
can find her hard at work when the show string is on display.
Julie Routh - Joined the Briar Patch Farm team in 2008, and leads our Florida crew,
as well as our show crew.  With and entensive Equestrian and Ag. Business background
her talents are far reaching and she continues to rise to challenges and excell.
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