The Matlock's Photo Album

  Hi!   I'm Caren.         This is my husband, Steve.
These two pics were taken on August 12, 2001

Not to scare you, but this was my high school photo (straight from the year book):

My Grandpa Warren Walt (my Dad's side) died on September 10, 2001.   In his memory, this is the gravesite bench my Grandma Walt designed.   The names are of the grandkids.   The night he died, we had our tickets ready to go.   And then Sept. 11.

Used for Christmas cards, this pic was taken about a week before Dec 25, 1998. The lighting is a little bad, but it was good enough. Look at my hair! Compare with below. :-)

<-----This was at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV on July 27, 1998. From the left: Me, George Trombley, Mr. Mikami. We took several other pictues, but this was the best take. :-)

<----This is at Balboa Park in San Diego, either September or October 2001.

On the way up to Las Vegas on July 26, 1998, I just had to get a shot of this sign.  However the driver (My husband) moved into the passing lane and went along side a large cargo van, thus, obstructing my view and clarity of the sign.  So!  On the way back, he lovingly pulled over and allowed me every opportunity to get this shot!

For those who know, this is the damage.    We bought the Tracer in early February 1999, after my Plymouth Acclaim died.  Two weeks after buying the car, a lady broadsided Steve as he was going to work (working the night shift at Titan Corp., getting on the I-8 West at Mollison.)  There was a lady coming down Mollison Ave, and she didn't stop for her red light.  When Steve got out of the car, he really didn't think she'd done too much damage.   With two little kids in her back seat, she told Steve that she didn't have time to stop.  Sheesh.  It doesn't look like this anymore!

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