--Welcome to  Central Missouri State University's
Chess Players
--We are an organization that promotes the playing of chess as a recreational sport.  Our club is open to anyone who wishes to play or learn how to play chess.  There are no fees collected or charged for playing in Chess Players.  So, come on by and join us for a game or two! 
Scheldule of Activities
--Chess Players meets every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. downstairs by the fountian in the University Union on the CMSU campus.  The meetings last until the last person can't move another knight.  Directions.
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Dec. 11, 2002
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What's New?
--Check out a very cool Internet Chess Site:

World Chess Network has players for all levels and is absolutely free. 
It couldn't get any better.
--Different types of chess are being played at CMSU Chess Players meetings.  We are now introducing Bughouse and Chinese Chess as recreational games.  Come join us and learn how to play!  Check out our new Links on Bughouse and Chinese Chess.
Congratulations Michael Mikkelsen !!!
-- Congratulations to our graduating Senior Michael Mikkelsen.  He was a dedicated member of the CMSU Chess Players, and we would like to wish him luck!   We know we will miss you.