We are breeding versatile family companions of show/breeding quality. Of importance in our breeding program is temperament. The Arabian is noted for its loyalty, willingness, and intelligence. Of equal importance is type and quality. Our horses' exhibit the natural beauty that are Arabians are treasured for. Also of importance is movement. Our Arabians exhibit the natural "floating" trot and not the high-stepping saddleseat trot of the current fad.

We are seeking to preserve the Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd bloodlines with little to no-Nazeer blood. 98% of today's Egyptian Arabian horses are linebred Nazeer so we are hoping to help provide the outcross nucleus needed for the Egyptian Arabians to continue on into the future.

Straight Egyptian - means that all horses in the pedigree were actually used in the breeding programs of Kings, Royal families, and later the Royal Agricultural Society and the Egyptian Agricultural Organization.

Al Khamsa - means that every line, and every horse in a pedigree can be traced with no breakage of the line to the Bedouin Desert Tribe of origin. They are the only horses that can be proven by acceptable documents to be absolutely pure of blood.

Sheykh Obeyd - means all ancestors trace only to the original Egyptian horses, as far back as those of King Soloman and the desert imports collected by the Blunts, in the late 1800's. About 1/10th of 1% of the Straight Egyptians are Sheykh Obeyd.

We are also striving towards breeding horses that are true to the Dahman strain.

The Dahman represents an ideal blending of the Kuhalyan and Saqlawi type.

General Characteristics: balance and harmony. The Dahman are very classic in type. They resemble the Saqlawi in appearance but lean towards the Kuhaylan in strength.
HEAD: Delicately shaped (refined), exceptional beauty. Broad and relatively short head with balanced proportions between eyes and poll, and eyes and nostrils. The head is concave in profile, frequently with a pronounced "dish". Eyes are large and very expressive. Ears are small and thorn-like.
NECK: Harmoniously balanced with the body. Throats are well shaped and clean. Good poll setting.
GENERAL CONFORMATION: Strong toplines, relatively short backs in comparison to Saqlawi and Hadban. Level croups of good length, good hips. Legs are clean and fine-boned.

Other definitions of interest:

Asil - The "Asil" Arabian is a horse whose pedigree is exclusively based on horses bred by the Bedouin without any evidence whatever of non-Arabian blood being admixed at the time. The word "Asil" is derived from the Arabian language meaning: pure, true, noble, and genuine.

Blue List - refers to horses that Lady Ott catalogued meticulously as to absolute purity. In order for her to accept them as Blue, they had not only to carry the impeccable paper, they had to meet the standards of the Arabian breed and be phenotypically what their pedigrees said they were genotypically.

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