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Rene Prudente - 07/04/05 17:59:46
My Email:cnhs1975@cox.net

CNHS 1975-USA Chapter will be celebrating 30th Anniversary on November 11, 2005 in San Diego, California. For more information, Please email us at cnhs1975@cox.net

Daisy Delavin Adriatico - 09/04/00 17:59:46
My Email:daisy_adriatico@hotmail. com

Our 25th high school reunion created a lifetime memories. Thank you to our friends that organized this party. It was so successful. We all had a good time. Sorry Rene, Blessie, Susan P., Vinia, Ernie and to others coz I didn't able to say good bye to ou when I left San Diego. And Rene, I will not be able to come sa Fiesta on Nov. Kasi it will be our 25th wedding anniversary on March 2001. I am saving my leave for that occasion. Till we meet again. Love from Dae

Lena - 08/25/00 22:15:52
My Email:jel_2k@yahoo.com

For Aliw Sonto: Received your message, but your server is not accepting my mail.I'll be waiting for your response.Regards,Lena

Lena Legaspi-Villoga - 08/16/00 20:39:38
My Email:jel_2k@yahoo.com

Hello It(Estelita Llacuna)!'received your E-mail but your server is not accepting my message.If you can send me your mailing address,I am more than willing to communicate w/ you!Hear from you soon!Lena

Nora Loyola Raymundo - 08/12/00 22:59:08
My Email:noralr53@hotmail.com

To all CNHS Class of 1975!!! Congratulations and Best Wishes on your 25th Silver Anniversary Reunion. More power to you and keep it up!!! From, Nora Loyola Raymundo - CNHS Class 1969

Bayani San Jose - 08/12/00 05:40:34
My Email:BSJsanjose@aol.com

I'm a class '75 graduate and on the registry but did not received anything on the e-mail pertaining to the planned Alumni this Saturday until my sister from San Diego told me about it. Please e-mail me for the future any information ahead so we could make some plan to attend. But anyway, have a good time and keep in touch. (I have attended the 1970 Alumni as a guest last month which was held in San Francisco. It was a success. God Bless all of you.

Bayani San Jose - 08/12/00 05:35:59
My Email:BSJsanjose@aol.com

I'm a class '75 graduate and on the registry but did not received anything on the e-mail pertaining to the planned Alumni this Saturday until my sister from San Diego told me about it.

Lena Legaspi-Villoga - 08/10/00 21:15:25
My Email:jel_2k@yahoo.com

HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY to all my former classmates and friends.Pls if you have time,get in touch with me! Missing you all!

Cristi Loyola-Sanabria CNHS'67
07/31/00 12:58:09
Announcement URL:
CNHS Pacific Northwest Summer Picnic
My Email:csanabria@earthlink.net



A Potluck Picnic In The Pacific Northwest

Saturday, Park August 19, 2000 at 12:00 5:00 PM
Dr. Jose Rizal Park
12th Avenue South & South Judkins
Seattle, Washington
Bring your family & friends!

For More Details, Please Visit Our Announcement Bulletin

Divina Grace So Pineda - 07/29/00 11:35:37
My Email:W D Pineda@AOL.COM

Excellent website!!

biloy tolentino - 07/23/00 02:10:11
My Email:biloyf@altavista.com

Please note my new email address. Just spoke to Susan and Vinia today and am so excited that our reunion is just 3 weeks away and I can't wait to see everyone. I'm ready to rock and roll.

Edgar Ramos - 07/04/00 23:20:00
My Email:edgar.ramos@usa.net

I am currently in the chicago area. anyone near where i live?

CNHS 1977 ALUMNI - 06/23/00 01:35:49


Happy 25th Anniversary to all CNHS'75 Alumni... May Many More Come Your Way.
Click Here To Enter Friendly T

Rene Prudente - 06/21/00 22:01:38
Our SILVER (25TH) Anniversary will be celebrated in San Diego, California on August 18, 2000.
For more information, please e-mail me at or reneprudente@home.com

gentry - 06/21/00 07:20:26
My URL:http://profiles.yahoo.com/careernavybrat
My Email:gentry@pinoys.zzn.com

here we go again... the year 2000 cnhs75 webpage revision process has commenced.
i strongly encourage everyone to share ideas and suggestions. - gentry

Noel "Steve" Teves - 05/20/00 07:06:17
My Email:Glteves@cs.com

ALOHA to all my classmates of class '75. Hope to hear from you, guys. Just e-mail me. This is Steve from Hawaii.

Ernie & Vinia - 05/15/00 02:23:02
My Email:Ervin694@cs.com

More power to CNHS'75!!!

Jing DeGuzman - 04/20/00 22:39:55
My Email:Bdeguzman@us.ibm.com

Hi Fely! You still remember me? You look good as always. I hope this short note will get to you. If you have the time, send me a note. It's so nice hearing from old friends especially from you. regards, jing....

Jenna T. - 04/18/00 15:48:38
My URL:http://www.schoolbuddies.com
My Email:allaboutus@aol.com

For those of you who are trying to find school friends from past years, you might try Schoolbuddies.com! (http://www.schoolbuddies.com) A good free site!

Lito Cayetano - 04/09/00 16:34:36
My Email:emilito.cayetano@lmco

Greetings to all Class of 74 . hello to Larry Asuncion, Boyet Bilang, Tessie Pino, Marylou

alfredo villarde - 02/13/00 10:56:31
My Email:alvinv@netpci.com

is there any 1975 cnhs alumni that's a member of freemansonry?

Arnie Reyes - 12/11/99 01:13:41
My Email:arnie@hawaii.edu

ALoooHA All...just saying hello to you all... I was born in Cavite City but raised here in Hawaii. Maybe somebody out there knows my dad...His name is Anying Reyes...from Santa Cruz he played basketball in Cavite. Well thanks...and ingats Arnie

Emmy J. Gamboa - 12/02/99 20:13:04
My URL:http://none
My Email:egamboa@mllnet.com

Your website is excellent! I'm not a Class '75 grad, but I've seen some friends of mine in your photo gallery that were in your class. I have not seen or heard from them in a while, so I would appreciate if you could tell me how to get in touch with them. I'd like to hear particularly from Carol Salazar and Maryann Sipriaso. My name is Emmy Gamboa, class '73 grad, and a member of "Sons and Daughters" singing group at CNHS during our high school years, in case they don't know who I am. Also, I'm also inte ested in Class '73 Reunions. Any help would be appreciated.

RENE PRUDENTE - 11/25/99 22:38:13
My Email:rprudente@ligand.com

TO ALL CNHS '75 ALUMNI - U.S.A. CHAPTER ALUMNI Our SILVER (25TH) Anniversary will be celebrated in San Diego, California on August 18, 2000. For more information, please e-mail me at rprudente@ligand.com or reble@cts.com

freddie penalosa - 10/29/99 04:51:57
My Email:zelcor@paradise.net.nz

cool web-site, what about class 74, please help

RENE P. - 10/14/99 15:13:21
My Email:rprudente@ligand.com

General membership meeting will be held on November 13, 1999, 6:00 P.M. at Tom Ham's Lighthouse located at 2150 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, California. Important matters will be discussed regarding our 25th reunion. Dinner-dance will follow, casual ttire.

Cherry Navoa-DelRosario - 09/29/99 20:07:10
My Email:riselle747@aol.com

Please email me at my email address if there are any announcements or reunions of the year that I graduated-- 1975. Thanking you in advance.

Rene P. - 09/28/99 18:19:05
My Email:scpbp@msn.com

There will be a general membership meeting on November 13, 1999 at 6:00 PM after the Cavite City Fiesta celebration in San Diego, CA, exact venue will be announced later. It will be followed by a dinner dance at 8:00P.M., casual attire. Important issue will be discussed regarding our coming Silver Anniversary celebration next year. Please let us know ASAP if you're planning to attend for headcount reservation. This is also to remind you to remit the membership dues($20.00) to Susan Pena . Cost of dinner is $25.00/person all inclusive (buffet, all you can eat, American Food). You will be given a discount if you pay before October 15, 1999. $30.00 for membership and dinner if paid on or before Oct. 15 OR $20 membership fee plus $25.00 for dinner for a total of $45.00 if paid after deadline. It is very important for us to know if you're coming. Please e-mail us if you're attending or not.

orly santos - 09/28/99 15:58:30
My Email:orland_santos@hotmail.com

kamusta na mga taga cavite jing achurra,jonie liwanag,valerie verediano[kamusta na ang mga kapatid mo?jack & ???i forgot your other sis,kasunod mo]kamusta rin kay joey alvarez,.just want you to know i still remember your faces.bilib ako sa beauty ni valerie mukang di natanda,anong secret?

Fauconnier,Dualan Sonia - 08/08/99 16:37:49
My Email:ainos5@aol.com

Hi there, Just want you to know that there's a friend of yours somewhere here in Europe. You're all lucky to be all together in the US. Write to me if you remember me as one of your classmates. Merci, sonia

Benny Sauquillo Miranda - 07/22/99 18:36:39
My Email:BerBenny@aol.com

The former Lena Legaspi (now Lena Villoga)toured in San Diego, New Jersey and Chicago for a very short period of time in June. She is a Nurse in the Saudi Arabia Airport. She said there is no Social life in Saudi Arabia and will appreciate a letter from igh school friends. Her address in Saudi Arabia is: Saudi Airline Medical Services, PO Box 2836 CC507, Riyadh 11461 Saudi Arabia.

Ariston Banaag - 07/21/99 08:28:51
My Email:Ariston.Banaag@reckitt.com.au

I had a chance to go through the pictures and I'm extremely happy to see the faces of 'old friends' (still looking young, though). Unfortunately, I cannot match the faces with the names in most of them. Could you put a name caption below each pic for ea y recognition. I envy those who were there. I'd like to be included in the next reunion, so please keep me informed. Good luck everyone. ARIS

Emma Navarro Sosa - 07/10/99 14:09:46
My URL:http://home.talkcity.com/CookingCt/junems
My Email:ensosa@hotmail.com or worldsource@msn.com

Greetings from New Jersey!!! It's Emma Navarro my friends. I got the CNHS homepage from It Llacuna. It and Emmy Rose Esteban visited me last holiday weekend. We had so much fun reminiscing our kalokohan during high school. I havent seen them for 24 years and so most of my former classmates from Cavite High. It's good to see current pictures of former classmates and friends. Please keep me posted regarding the silver reunion.

Daisy Delavin Adritico - 06/01/99 18:59:06
My Email:daisy_adriatico@hotmail.com

Rene, Blessie, Susan Pena, Ernie, Vinia Jheydee and Rudy, Hi! How are you? I miss you all. I had a good time last November. Hope to see you again. Love from Dae

J A Message of Appreciation and Gratitude J
My URL:CNHS 1975
My Email:cnhs1975@oocities.com

To all our family, friends and CNHS alumni who attended and supported our May 29th San Diego Jam Session...
J Thank you all so much! J
Hope you found old friends and discovered new ones too.
Don't forget to post your future CNHS social and fund raising events in this announcement page,
so we - CNHS 1975 - can support your events as well. Till next time, God bless you all!

jocelyn bautista-saria - 05/11/99 06:55:31
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/5238/surgery.html
My Email:nining@pinoymail.com


Benny Miranda - 05/10/99 18:14:49
My Email:BerBenny@aol.com

Hi Rene! I finally viewed the 1975 CNHS website! It is so neat and entertaining. Sincerely, Benny

Martin M. Carongcong - 05/08/99 14:48:13
My Email:mmra@ysa.attmil.ne.jp

Sorry, I'm missing all the fun. I wish I could be there on 29 May. Pag balik ko diyan, I'll get in touch with you so I can join the happenings. I'll wait for your pics on the web. Have fun!!! Lots of love, Mart

Ferdinand "JOJO" Cate - 05/03/99 04:05:51
My Email:jjcate@aol.com

Hey Guys, i'm just around the corner. Please send more information about the coming reunion. Regards to all.

Orly santos
Wednesday - April 14th 1999 11:19:54
Comments: nice homepage,very neat..... hello JIng Achurra & Jonie Liwanag ,kamusta na? give my regards to everybody
orly Santos


E-mail address: gentry@pinoymail.com
Homepage URL: http://profiles.yahoo.com/genining
Comments: We hope to see all 75 and other CNHS alumni at the scheduled May 29th '75 Jam Session at the Mira Mesa Senior Citizen Center. Rene, Kuya Romy Santos'65 still needs four pairs of tickets. I told him its okay to purchase at the door if he doesn't et them before the 29th. One last thing Rene, keep up the quality work you've put in this web page. Without your insight and determination, the '75 alumni page would not be as beautiful as it is.
Wednesday April 14th 1999 11:06:21

Susan & Rey Pena
E-mail address: susan-pena@home.com
Comments: We would like to extend our great appreciation to you for creating our fantastic Web page. Maraming nagagandahan sa Web page namin, again, it is all because of your kindness. May the good Lord bless you and your family. It is thru people's love nd unselfishness that we can reflect on His unconditional love for us.
Monday April 12th 1999 09:26:57

Joy Gacuya
E-mail address: jgacuya@ucsd.edu
Homepage URL: http://santafe.ucsd.edu/cnhs/cnhs79.htm
CNHS Alumni? If yes, what year?: Class '79
Comments: Excellent work. More power to you and to Class '75.
Joy Gacuya Class '79 Vice President
Friday April 2nd 1999 04:16:25

JI Alvarez
- 04/05/99 19:55:20
My Email:cabuco@earthlink.net

Sana ay nakinig ako kay Rene na sumali sa mga "reunion" na nakaraan. Sa huli nga ang sisihan, buti na lamang at nakasali ako noong Nobyembre'98.

Carlito Magdaluyo - 02/27/99 18:21:39
My Email:klangyan@po.pacific.net.sg

I am searching for my CNHS'81 batch. any assistance will be appreciated.

joel L. - 02/18/99 12:51:24
My URL:http://homepages.infoseek.com/~bridesnblooms/index1.html
My Email:brides@hotmail.com

great page!
from the batch of 1986!

Mrs. Lolita Garcia Llobrera - 01/09/99 05:40:46
My Email:bien7@juno.com

Nice homepage! This will help in strengthening the bonds of friendship within the bigger family of Class '75. I want to share with you my impressions of the reunion. Compared to many reunions I have attended here in the U.S.A., in my evaluation, the 23rd Reunion of CNHS '75 in San Diego, California is so far.... 1) The best in coordination of people. The committee worked as one body. 2) The best in program. There was never a dull moment. The program flowed smoothly. The "surprise number" left the audience open-mouthed. Some alumni even received a "free kiss" from the guest performer. 3) The best in guests. Everybody was "game"; everybody came to enjoy that night, dancing, participating in the games, and laughing at the jokes, or simply having fun conversations. 4) The best in prizes. Never in previous reunions that I've attended that they raffled away prizes. 5) The best in theme. "Friends Forever" was the theme and this was affirmed, first of all, in a renewal of marriage vows between couples present; this was to emphasize that the husband and wife are to be best of friends. 6) At may "bonus" pa! There was an extension of the reunion at Susan Pena's place with a classic Caviteno breakfast and at Ernie and Vinia Avila's residence with an all-filipino cuisine dinner. Thanks a million for inviting your M'am Lolita Llobrera and husband to such a special reunion! God willing, see you at next reunion.

Rene - 01/05/99 19:23:27
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Cottage/5900/75usa.html
My Email:reble@pinoymail.com

Calling out to all CNHS 1975 Alumni
Philippine, USA, atbp groups and individuals... Please make use of this Announcement and Message Board. Let us know of your whereabouts, happenings and news. We maybe oceans apart but we are only a click away to communicate with one another.

The Wanna-Be-Web-Writers
J rene J J gentry J

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