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This work centres on promoting the principles of Catholic Social Teachings. as the core of our work with young people. At the heart of this work we are called beyond the security of our religious boundaries to meet young people who are "at risk". This is a response to the preferential option for the poor that challenges much of the popular practice of Christian youth work 

The links that are provided on this site are provided as a reference point for church youth workers, young people and others interested in a faith based response to young peoples' issues and concerns.

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The Young Christian Workers Movement aims :

  • To allow us as young workers, including those who are unemployed or studying, to discover our dignity as men and women

  • To train us as young people who assume the responsibility for finding solutions to their own situations at local, national and international levels.

  • To promote inter-religious dialogue, and create and intercultural society where solidarity prevail

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    We, the undersigned, place the demands for the workers in Informal sector to Your Excellency as an urgent appeal to take the necessary steps to convene specific ILO conventions and to urge the International Institutions and National Governments to include the labour issues in the trade and economic agreements and negotiations.

    Workers, Students Organisations, People’s Organisations, Trade Unions and Human Rights Institutions are invited to join and support our action campaign for the Informal sector. We have launched a signature campaign in the region to collect as many signatures as possible and to present the signatures with the appeal to the ILO, UN, WTO and other International Institutions. Also similar kind of petition will be submitted to the National Governments in the region on 2nd May 2002. Let us unite in solidarity with the workers in the Informal Sector.  

 Rosies Mission to Youth 


ERC Logo The Centre works in the fields of advocacy, research, networking and community education. It concentrates on indigenous and youth issues in a local and global context. The site includes details of projects, opportunities to get involved in social justice work and publications on social justice issues.

The Youth Network represents the member churches of the National Council of Churches in Australia as they work together with young people. The Network meets four times a year in Melbourne, builds links between church youth agencies, and implements projects that meet the Network's goals. 


Catholic Schools Opposing Racism is a student organization devoted to bringing together students from across the Archdiocese of Chicago to focus on racial harmony. C.O.R. was founded by Queen of Peace High School in 1997 and serves students from the 47 Catholic high schools in Chicago and surrounding suburbs


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