Monitor is an online exhibition of art works created by young people from the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre. The works were produced during a six-week series of arts-based workshops conducted within the Centre which included sessions in: DJing/ MCing & Breakdancing, Drama, Dance, Circus and Web Design

LOUD "pixel for pixel, the LOUD site is as good as anything that has been achieved on the Web in Australia, and probably better. It crackles with life, showering sparks of creativity in all directions." - Jon Casimir, The Sydney Morning Herald.

DRUM  is ABC online weekly guide to youth events on the web

 Australian Clearinghouse For Youth Studies publishes the quarterly journal, Youth Studies Australia, and are producers of specialist publications and electronic information for the youth field.

Internet Directory of Organisations working with Young Australians Database of youth organisations This resource identifies organisations in Australia which focus on youth issues or which provide services to youth.

 Welcome to the source A Commonwealth Youth initiative developed by the Department of Education Training and Youth Affairs, on behalf of the Commonwealth Government


The Queensland Youth Website

 YouthForun Online An online community for researchers practitioners, policy makers and young people interested in he learning and work circumstances of young Australians.


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