COAR Questionnaire

This questionnaire only applies to those who were adopted in Ontario and who, as adopted adults, have applied to the Adoption Disclosure Registry (ADR) of the Government of Ontario.

The Coalition for Open Adoption Records (COAR) is preparing a submission to the Ombudsman concerning the workings of the ADR. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your responses will help to strengthen our submission.

Thanks very much for helping us to clarify your experience so that we can continue in the struggle to open records in Ontario.


Dr. Michael Grand
Wendy Rowney
Karen Lynn

COAR Coordinating Committee

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1. What was the date that you submitted your applications for an ADR search (please be as specific as possible)?

2. When was the first time that you received a response of any kind from the ADR after submitting the application?

3. What was the nature of the ADR's first response to you after you submitted the application? (e.g. Did they only acknowledge your application, search had been initiated, someone had been found, no success etc.)

4. When did the ADR inform you that they had begun your search?

5. (a) If the ADR made a match, what was the date that you were informed ?

- OR -

(b) If the ADR is still engaged in an ongoing search, how often and when have they given you updates on their endeavours?

6. How respectful and helpful have you found the ADR to be?

7. Any other comments you have on the ADR and its activities would be welcomed.

8. May we quote you in our submission?
9. If you agree to be quoted, do you wish you name to be attached to the quote?

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