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Club de Deportes Cobreloa is one of the most respected and most succesful football (or soccer) teams in the Chilean Professional League. Although it does not have the long history of the so-called "big teams" of Chile, eversince it joined the professional league, it has been a consistent challenger for the League's Title.

In just a few years, Cobreloa became a hard-to-deal-with headache for the teams that monopolized the Chilean League and until 1992 --the last year Cobreloa obtained a title--, Cobreloa had an impressive record of 1 title per 3 years, and two second places in the world famous Libertadores Cup. Althoght it has not won the tournament since then, Cobreloa has been a protagonistic team in the local tournament and has managed to get into the Libertadores Cup.

The club was born in northern Chile, specifically in El Loa Province, in which the largest open-pit copper mine in the world (Chuquicamata) is located. As you can guess now, the name was derived from these two elements: Cobre (spanish for "copper") and Loa (the province's name). It was there, in the middle of the Atacama Desert --the driest one in the world-- where this team was born, giving not only the province, but also the region and the whole country something to be proud of.

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