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By: Gary Nash
Cockatiel: Merlin


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About the Creator


    About Jennifer:

         Hey there, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Jennifer and I am 14 years old with a b-day coming up this July. I'm located in Florida, and as you can see, I love working with animals and making websites. Besides the most obvious, I also like playing sports, hanging out with friends, going out, etc..

          Now for some of my background on why I created this site: Well, there are mainly two reasons why I created Merlin's Cage: The Tiel Station. The first is because of my love for birds. I currently have 1 cockatiel and 2 budgies. It may not be much compared to other people's collections and aviaries, but it was enough for me to be able to get enthusiast enough to create a website devoted to these amazing and interesting little creatures. I started keeping birds ever since I received my first budgie, back in 1995. Ever since then, I've always had budgies, and then finally Merlin, in 1998. The second reason why I created this site was, well, I won't lie... because I was bored and I just felt like experimenting with all the ideas I kept on getting for creating a site.

        Merlin's Cage may not be much for now, but hopefully I'll be able to get in new partners to help me out and expand this website. At the moment, I also run another website, which is about turtles, and that site is more work then I can handle, as its receiving a good number of hits each day. I've been too busy working with that to work on this site, but like I said, hopefully that will change and I will devote more time into this one.

       I will gladly assist anyone with any questions you may have on birds, turtles, animals, or life in general. I hope you enjoy Merlin's Cage and come back soon.

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