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Cockatiel Hazards

   This is a list of things that should be avoided in ALL birds. This list is just a few of the basic and general things that should be avoided in birds, and by no means is a complete list.

House Plants:
     The point is, almost ALL house plants are toxic to birds. The list is pretty long, so I say avoid all house plants. OR, keep a VERY close eye on your bird and what he does.

Electrical Cords:
      Cockatiels love to chew on things, as almost any bird. If chewed, the electricity can kill them, if not, put them into shock. As I recently learned, these wires also contain metal that can be fatal if ingested.

      The scent of the candle as well as smoke in general, is fatal to birds if inhaled. Keep your bird away from scented candles, and smoke. Don't smoke near your bird.

Windows & Mirrors:
         Cockatiels & budgies will fly aimlessly if allowed. Though some birds do learn the difference between mirrors and the real thing, some won't, and they will crash into them, as well as closed windows. Cockatiels and budgies fly with a lot of force, since they have to flap their wings fast to keep themselves up. A bang with so much force can seriously injure, if not kill, a cockatiel or budgie. Open windows is also another factor. No matter how much you trust your pet, all birds will fly away and never come back if exposed outside with unclipped wings. Not that they don't like their home, but they bewilder themselves when finding themselves in the great outdoors. (some birds have been known to return like home-pigeons). Some say it is best to clip your birds wings. As this procedure does help in keeping your bird safe, I say its kind of not fair to the bird to be without its wings. This is your call and use your judgment to see what to do.

        Mosquito sprays, cleaning sprays, Lysol, etc.. should not be sprayed while your bird is present in the room. They are toxic when inhaled by the bird and will lead to death. If you need to spray, make sure that your bird is not in the room, or no where near  the area sprayed or being cleaned.

         Fresh paint will kill your bird. Any objects which have been fresh painted should be away from your bird. As soon as its dry, its safe. If you have just finish painting your cage, make sure it is completely dry before placing your bird inside.

Temperature Changes:
         Though Cockatiels & Budgies can withstand high temperatures, they, like almost any other animal, can overheat and die, or get chilled and die. Never leave your bird outside in the sun with no shade. During different parts of the day the sun will go onto different angles, leaving your bird exposed to direct sunlight and no shade at all. Be sure you provide some type of cover so that your bird has a choice of escaping the sunlight. I also always give my budgies, who spend most of their day outside, a little bird bath, in case they would like to take a bath and cool off from the sun.

          Keep a close eye on other family pets and their interaction with the family bird. You can never trust a bird and another animal together.

    You should also try to provide the most safest environment you can to your pet bird. Common house-hold items can turn out to be the worse enemy your bird could have. What I have listed above is just the basic pre-cautions you should take.

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