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    The Membership portion of Merlin's Cage: The Tiel Station, doesn't have a launch date yet, nor is it set in stone thus far... but it is something that most likely WILL be coming in the future. All depending on how traffic allows.

Information on Upcoming Membership:


What is in it for the Members?

    So what exactly do we have in stored for our members? People that sign up with our forums will not only get the most out of the forums and its features, which include: Your own screen name, custom options, you automatically subscribe to our mailing list, member only forums and much more stuff that is on the way to the forums. Ok, besides that, you will also get entitled to member only upcoming stuff such as:

  • Enter our Raffles

  • Get Free Stuff

  • 10% Discount with a Partnered Pet Shop

  • Hopefully some t-shirts

    As a member, you will automatically enter Raffles that MC will be hosting. The chances of you winning will depend on how many times you have posted on the forums and other factors. Free stuff will also be given out from time to time to randomly selected members. A 10% discount for any purchase made by our partnered pet shop (soon to be announced) will be offered to ALL members. And the T-shirts are still pending, but, I may be able to get some to our members (for a very very small price) with your own custom design. More Information on Each of the Above coming soon.

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How do you become an MC Member?

    Becoming a Merlin's Cage: The Tiel Station member is easy. All you have to do is register to our forums and just start posting. Registering is COMPLETELY free, and once registered, you become an MC member as well.

    Remember, you don't have to register on our forums in order to post. Both guest and members may post either way, and the forum rules apply to EVERYONE. However, members will get the better benefits of everything then non- members.

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What's the Catch?

    Though becoming a member is as easy as 1, 2, 3, there is still a very small catch to all this, though its rather simple and requires no money what so ever from you. In order to be entitled to the upcoming special member benefits, you must of course, be registered with us. Once registered, you must post on our forums and visit back from time to time. Only Active Members will get the benefits. Remember, in order to get more chances on winning some of the stuff, such as the raffles, it will depend on how many times you have posted and exactly how frequently you visit.

    Why Am I doing This? I have to do this because I have to be fair. Since registering is free, many people will try to scam it. What do I mean by this? Well, here are a couple examples that are not accepted. If a person was to sign up with the forums but not even bother to "post" and start discussions and actually join the group, then you won't be included in many of the "giveaways". Or, if you were to post only like what, 5 post and then just stop posting, yet still expect to be including in stuff, then you have another thing coming at ya. Sure, you can do that, there is no way of stopping you from doing it, but, again, don't expect to actually win some stuff.

    I WILL know who is an active member, and who is not. I will also know who is actually in the forums to chat and join the group. All this won't be good if your just in it for the stuff. The whole purpose of the forums is to just chat, get along, and talk about birds! Plus, it also serves as a help board, etc. Don't abuse of that please.

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When is the Launch Date?

    Like I said, there is No exact launch date yet for any of this. However, you can register and start posting in our forums anytime you liked. The sooner, the better. Click Here to Register Today!

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